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Paget, Walb. Vegetable Diet 94
Parks, Public, in Massachusetts. (Misc.) 425
Patton, J. Harris. Origin of the Mississippi Valley Rainfall 102
Perkins, G. H. The Calumet in the Champlain Valley.* 238
Pestalozzian System, The. G. S. Boutwell 55
Pestalozzianism in America. (Misc.) W. M. Aber 566
Phillips, Barnet. Colored Audition. (Corr.) 267
Phillips Prize Essay Fund, The. (Misc.) 715
Physics, A Year's Work in. (Misc.) 571
Pigeons, Homing, The Method of.* C. F. Hodge 758
Poisson, Alb., and L. A. Hallopeau. The Essays of Jean Rey 247
Polar Basin, The. (Misc.) 571
Political Economy, The Relation of Evolution to. C. S. Ashley 458
"Science at the Brooklyn Institute. (Misc.) 422
Popoff, Lazar. The Origin of Art 827
Population, Tendencies of. (Misc.) 714
Prestwich, Joseph. The Position of Geology 537
Proctor, R. A., The Grave of. (Misc.) 422
Prohibitive Liquor Laws, Abolish All. A. Morgan 577
Proof, Guesses and. (Misc.) 568
Psychology, The, of a Dog. J. Monteith 514
"Dog. (Corr.) J. A. Boyd 841
Public Opinion. (Editor's Table) 410

Railroad Disasters, Recent. L. C. Loomis 314
Rainfall, the Mississippi Valley, Origin of. J. H. Patton 102
Rain-making, The Conditions of. (Misc.) 860
Reclus, Elisée, and his Opinions. (With Portrait.) H. Zimmern 402
Reform, A Possible. (Editor's Table) 698
Rey, Jean, The Essays of. L. A. Hallopeau and A. Poisson 247
Rich, George A. Trusts their own Corrective 740
Right-handedness, The Origin of. J. M. Baldwin 606
Rothermel, John G. Fossil Man.* 616
Russian Village, The. (Misc.) 712

Schofield, P. F. Tamability of Birds. (Corr.) 409
School Books, American, Accuracy of. (Misc.) 141
Schools, German. (Misc.) 141
Schweinitz, L. D. von. Sketch of. (With Portrait) 833
Science and Civilization. (Editor's Table) 267
"at the Columbian Exposition, (Editor's Table) 123
"Immaterial. E. S. Moser 84
"Immaterial. (Corr.) J. H. Stoller 409
Scientific Journal, the First, The Founder of. J. Boyer 690
Scientist, A, but not a Philosopher. (Editor's Table) 269
Scorpions, Habits of. (Misc.) 569
Sea, How the, is Sounded.* G. W. Littlehales 334
"the Deep, Physical Conditions of.* S. J. Hickson 461
Shinn, Charles H. The Fruit Industry in California.* 200
Shufeldt, R. W. Night-hawks and Whip-poor-wills.* 308