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I N D E X.

Alpine Climbing, Early. (Misc.) 427
American Association, Meeting of the. (Misc.) 425
""The, in Brooklyn. (Editor's Table) 842
Amok, Running. (Misc.) 283
Anatomy and Physiology for Young Men. (Misc.) 141
Animals Reason, Do? (Corr.) H. B. Poole 265
Arctic Sea, The. (Misc.) 713
"Seasons, Succession of. (Misc.) 138
"Temperatures and Exploration. S. Jenkins 653
Armstrong, H. E. Scientific Education 630
Astrology, Seventeenth Century 686
Astronomy of the Incas. J. du Gourcq 823
Atmospheric Dust and Air Colors. (Misc.) 856
Audubon Monument, The. (Misc.) 282
Australian Dingoes. (Misc.) 855
Australian Diprotodon, The. (Misc.) 860

Badenoch, L. N. Homes of Social Insects* 338
Barberries: A Study of Uses and Origins.* F. L. Sargent 594
Barberries: A Study of Uses and Origins.* F. L. Sargent 784
Barometers, Odd. (Misc.) 285
Bathing after Exercise. (Misc.) 142
Bell, J. Jones. The Story of a Great Work* 463
Berthelot, P. E. Ancient and Mediæval Chemistry 109
Birds, Artificial, for Women's Hats. (Misc.) 860
"Cause of the Migration of. (Misc.) 569
"Diving, Feats of. (Misc.) 718
"Habits of. (Misc.) 286
"of Michigan. (Misc.) 573
"The Nocturnal Migration of. F. M. Chapman 506
"Thrifty. (Misc.) 856
Black, J. William. Savagery and Survivals 388
Bluestone Industry, The Great.* H. B. Ingram 352
Boas, Franz. The Half-blood Indian.* 761
Bolles, Frank. The Humming Birds of Chocorua 588
""Up the Chimney 24
Bonfort, Helene. Sketch of Heinrich Hertz. (With Portrait) 401