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tained by an annual appropriation of two hundred and fifty dollars, continued for five years. When Mr. Olmsted resigned in 1825 to accept a professorship at Yale, Dr. Mitchell took up the work of the survey in addition to the duties of his professorship in the university. Olmsted's report was published in two parts, in 1824 and 1825, and filled in all about one hundred and twenty

PSM V49 D793 Astronomical clock at the university.jpg
The Astronomical Clock.
This clock still keeps the time for the university.
Drawn by E. L. Harris.

octavo pages. The American Journal of Science observes of this survey that, regarded especially as the gratuitous vacation work of a single individual, and in view of the state of geological science in this country at the time, it "must certainly be looked upon as creditable in the highest degree both to the enterprise and to the scientific ability of its projector, and it has undoubtedly been of great benefit not only to the State which authorized it, but to the country and to science generally, by