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I N D E X.

About Crabs, (Illustrated) 191
Acoustic Properties of the Atmosphere 252
Action of Mucilage on Glass 624
Action of Sunlight on Glass 67
Actual Cautery, Use of the 762
Address, Tyndall's, before the British Association 652
Alligators swallowing their Young 506
American Scientific Association 741
Anderson School at Penikese 253
Animals, Are they Automatons? 724
"and Fire-Arms 507
"Extinct in the Historic Period 331
Antagonism between Growth and Reproduction 606
Aquarium, The. (Illustrated) 687
Architects, Microscopic. (Illustrated) 646
Atmosphere, The, as an Anvil 220
Australian Compliment to American Microscopes 382
Axial Buds in Juglans Nigra 124

Baby-Fox, A. (Illustrated) 443
Bees, Habits of 759
Birds-of-Paradise. (Illustrated) 557
"Soaring and Sailing of 253
Black Hills, Flora of 760
Books noticed:
"Principles of Mental Physiology" (Carpenter) 115
"The Principles of Science" (Jevons) 116
"Politics and Mysteries of Life-insurance" (Wright) 118
"Contributions to Solar Physics" (Lockyer) 120
"The Martyrdom of Man" (Reade) 121
"The Structure of Animal Life" (Agassiz) 122
"Present Status of Social Science" (Hamilton) 122
"A Treatise on the Method of Government Surveying" (Clevenger) 123
"The Borderland of Science" (Proctor) 123
"The Galvanometer and its Uses" (Haskins) 123
"The Land of the White Elephant" (Vincent) 244
"What is Darwinism?" (Hodge) 246
"The Expanse of Heaven" (Proctor) 248
"The Philosophy of Herbert Spencer" (Bowne) 248
"Annual Record of Science and Industry" (Baird) 249
"The Kindergarten Messenger" (Peabody) 249
"Fuel" (Siemens and Wormald) 250
"Popular Key to the Birds, Reptiles, etc.," (Jordan and Van Vleck) 251
"First Lessons in the Principles of Cooking" (Barker) 250