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Utensils and Ornaments from Southeastern New Guinea. Those marked with a  *  come from the Trobriand Islands. 1–16, wooden knives used in chewing betel; 17–19, knives of cassowary bones; 20–29, 31, necklaces and bracelets (20–23, 25, 26, of snail shells; 27, of dog's teeth; 28, 29, 31, of braid; 24, man's lower jaw as bracelet); 30, braided finger ring; 32, 33, vessels for limewater; 35, 36, wooden bowls for pounding betel; 34, mussel shell as ornament for the brow; 37, bamboo knife for cutting off heads; 38, mussel shells as coin; 39, 40, combs; 41–44, headdresses of birds' feathers (41, feathers of parrots; 42,44, feathers of birds of paradise; 43, leathers of cassowary and tail of marsupial).