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stone age. This was stoutly contested not only by the Dutch, but by so eminent German authorities as Von Hölder and others. The research stimulated by the discussion has, I think, controverted Virchow's hypothesis entirely. It is now generally recognized that the majority of these Dutch are Teutonic by descent, not distinguishable from either the Flemish in Belgium or the Germans in Hanover.

The population of Zeeland, with parts of the provinces of North and South Holland and Utrecht, however, including the low islands

PSM V52 D332 Cephalic index map of the netherlands.png
Data for this map are corrected from the original skull measurements by adding two units, to make them comparable with other maps based upon study of living heads.

at the deltas of the Rhine, Meuse, and Scheldt, is quite different. Even here, all along the seacoast, the Teutonic characteristics seem to have persisted, probably due to roving bands from the north