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social." When we study any transformation whatever we may hit upon, taking variations as they come, we find that as a consequence of it some parts of the structure become useless, and their gradual elimination ensues, as in the interest of the organization itself, considered as a whole. The working of this principle is considered in its various aspects in the worlds of organic life and society. (Paris: Félix Alcan, Bibliothèque Scientifique Internationale.)

The Bibliography of the Anthropology of Peru, published by George A. Dorsey in the Anthropological Series of the Papers of the Field Columbian Museum, Chicago, shows that the list of books and papers relating to the subject is a very considerable one and would of itself furnish a respectable library; yet the compiler does not pretend that it is exhaustive. He has only done his best with the material accessible to him. His aim has been, so far as possible, to cover the whole ground, and to include such works from the earliest times down to the present day as treat of the modern Indians and of the Peruvians of ancient times, and to include all known editions of the early Spanish authorities. Interest and value are added to his work by the short biographical sketches he furnishes of about fifty of the more important authors of the early Spanish times. Mr. Dorsey hopes to follow this work with an index by subjects and topics.

The eleventh volume of the Annals of the Argentine Meteorological Office (Anales de la Officina Meteorológica Argentina), Walter G. Davis, director, covers the observations of the year 1893. It includes elaborate tables similar to those which have characterized previous volumes of the Anales, with climatic details, at the stations of San Jorge (Cordoba), Isla de los Estados, Chos-Malal, Paramillo de Uspallata, on Potro Muerto; with, in addition, summaries of monthly observations from October, 1895, till December, 1896, at Isla de los Estados, and from May till August, 1896, at Chos-Malal. Twelve new stations were established during the year covered by the report. Voluntary observations of the principal meteorological elements were received from thirty-six points, and of rain from seventy-three. Reports of observations made six times a day were received from Concepcion, Paraguay. Stations have been established outside of the republic, near its frontiers, in cases where suitable points could not be found in the same latitudes within the national territory, whereby important data have been secured that would otherwise have been missed.


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