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Clarke, F. W., A Hundred Years of Chemistry 59
Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory 556
Coler, Bird S., The Moat Expensive City in the World 16
Collier, James, Colonies and the Mother Country 139
Collier, James, Colonies and the Mother Country 248
Collier, James, Colonies and the Mother Country 390
Colonies and the Mother Country, James Collier 139
Colonies and the Mother Country, James Collier 248
Colonies and the Mother Country, James Collier 390
Color, Red, Charles E. Dana 661
Congresses of the Paris Exposition 557
Conway, Sir Martin, on the Bolivian Andes 439
Coral Islands, Agassiz's Investigations on 103
Crazes, Psychology of, G. T. W. Patrick 285
Cytology 330

Dana, Chas. E., The Color Red 661
Darwin, Charles, A Biographical Sketch of an Infant 197
Davenport's Elementary Zoölogy 440
Davis, W. M., The Physical Geography of the Lands 157
Deaths 108
Deaths 222
Deaths 335
Deaths 667
Degeneration in Blind Fishes, Causes of, Carl H. Eigenmann 397
Dugmore on Bird Homes 441

Earth's Developments, Some Phases of, in the Light of Recent Chemical Research, Edward Renouf 295
Eclipse 224
" 560
"Total, of the Sun, Frank Biqelow 1
"Solar of May 1900, S. P. Langley 302
Education 331
"Technical, in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, G. F. Swain 257
"in the United States 331
"Higher, for Colored Youth, Andrew F. Hilyer 437
Educational, and Scientific Institutions of New York City 333
"Association, the National 447
Eigenmann, Carl H., The Structure of Blind Fishes, 48; Causes of Degeneration in Blind Fishes 397
Eliot, C. W., Legislation against Medical Discovery 436
Elliott and Ferguson's Qualitative Analysis 213
Ellis on the Analysis of White Paints 213
Ellis, Havelock, Psychology of Red 365
Ellis, Havelock, Psychology of Red 517
Endowment of American Universities 333
Energy, Mental, Edward Atkinson 632
Engine, The Human Body as an, E. B. Rosa 491
Eskimo, Central, Religious Beliefs of the, Franz Boas 624
Ewart's Penycuik Experiments 126
Expenditure of the Working Classes, Henry Higgs 527

Farm Homes for City Children 106
Fauna, Cave, of North America 446
Fayerweather Bequest 558
Fertilization, Chemical 223
Fiction and Science 324
Fiction and Science 336
Fishes, Blind, Structure of, Carl H. Eigenmann 48
""Causes of Degeneration in, Carl H. Eigenmann 397
Flournoy's Des Indes a la Planète Mars 662
Flying Machines, Birds as, Frederic A. Lucas 473
French Association for the Advancement of Science 664

Gas and Gas Meters, Hubert S. Wynkoop 179
Gasoline Automobiles, William J, Baxter, Jr. 593
Geography 439
"Physical, of the Lands W. M. Davis 157
Geologic Time, Rhythms and, G. K Gilbert 339
Geology 439
"International Congress of 666
German Association for the Advancement of Science 664
Gibbs, Wolcott, Portrait of 114
""Works of 219
Gilbert, G. K., Rhythms and Geologic Time 339
Gilbert, G. K., Portrait of 226
""Work of 332
""on Recent Earth Movements 439
Greatness, Comparative Longevity and, Joseph Jastrow 206
Greely, A. W., Scientific Results of the Norwegian Polar Expedition 420
Groff, George C., The Conquest of the Tropics 540

Haddon, A. C., Expedition to Torres Straits 217
Haffkine, W. M., Preventive Inoculation 115
Haffkine, W. M., Preventive Inoculation 240
Higgs, Henry, Expenditure of the Working Classes 527
Hilyer, Andrew F., Higher Education of Colored Youth 437
Hollick on Geological Formations and Forests in New Jersey 107
Homes, Farm, for City Children 106
Howard on the Mosquitoes of the United States 663
Huggins's Atlas of Representative Stellar Spectra 552
Human Body as an Engine, E. B. Rosa 491
Humiliating Situation 100
Hydrogen, Solidification of 223

Importation of Animals, Legislation regarding 560