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Hyatt, Alpheus, W. H. Dall 439

Intellect, Human, Evolution of, Edward L. Thorndike 58
International Zoological Congress at Berlin 188
Intuitive Suggestions, Thomas on 378

Janet's Etat Mental des hystériques 378
Japan, Fishes of, David Starr Jordan 76
Johns Hopkins University 568
Jordan, David Starr, The Fishes of Japan 76
"""The Evolution of Fishes 556
Journeyings of Birds, F. H. Knowlton 323
Keasbey, Lindley M., The Descent of Man 365
""The Differentiation of the Human Species 448

Knowlton, F. H., The Journeyings of Birds 323

Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution, W. H. Dall 263
Lightning, The Spectrum of 479
Literary Problem, A Mechanical Solution of, T. C. Mendenhall 97
Lucas's Animals of the Past 473
Lucretius and the Evolution Idea, William L. Poteat 166

MacDougal, D. T., The Sensory Mechanism of Plants 174
MacMillan, Conway, The Minnesota Seaside Station 193
Magnitude and Mass of the Visible Universe 287
Man, Descent of, Lindley M. Keasbey 365
Mason, Otis T., Environment in Relation to Sex in Human Culture 336
Mathematical, American, and Physical Societies, Society for Plant Morphology and Physiology 381
Mechanics 567
"Electromagnetic Basis for 94
Mendenhall, T. C., A Mechanical Solution of a Literary Problem 97
Message of the President 283
Meteoric Dust and Secular Cooling, Effect of, on Length of Day 190
Meteorology, Text-Book of 186
Metric System 89
Meyer, on American Museums 382
Minnesota Seaside Station, Conway MacMillan 193
Mosquitoes, Theobald on 566
Movements, Earliest Organic, Were they Conscious or Unconscious? 458
Museum, Functions of a, and of its Director 377
" The National 568
Museums, American, Meyer on 382
National, Control of Education, Sir John E. Gorst 49
"Museum 568

Naturalists, American Society of, Chicago Meeting 380
Nature Study, Books on 90
Naval Observatory 284
Newcomb on the Stars 281
Nobel Prize, first Award 92
Novy and Freer on Germicidal Action of the Organic Peroxides 570
Nutrition, Pawlow's Researches on 92

Oberholtzer, Ellis Paxon, Franklin's Philosophical Society 430
Observatory, The Naval 284
Omen Animals of Sarawak, A. C. Haddon 80
Origin of Species, On the Reception of, T. H. Huxley, The Edinburgh Reviewer, Louis Agassiz, Asa Gray 177

Paleontological Discoveries 383
Palm Trees of Brazil, John C. Branner 387
Pawlow's Researches on Nutrition 92
Peckham, S. F., Cement for a Modern Street 145
Peroxides, Organic, Germicidal Action of the 570
Perseus, The New Star in 286
Philbrick's Field Manual for Engineers 474
Philosophical Society, Franklin's, Ellis Paxon Oberholtzer 430
Philosophy, What is, Frank Thilly 513
Physical Laboratory, National, of Great Britain, R. T. Glazebrook 124
Plant Morphology and Physiology, Society for 381
Plants, The Origin of Sex in, Bradley Moore Davis 66
"The Sensory Mechanism of, D. T. MacDougal 174
Poteat, William L., Lucretius and the Evolution Idea 166
President's Message 283
Psychiatry—Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Frederick Lyman Hills 31
Psychological Books, Recent 378
Psychologique, L'année 378
Psychology, Introduction to 186

Rainfall, Influence of, on Commerce and Politics, H. Helm Clayton 158
Reptiles, Winged, S. W. Williston 314

Salmon, Breeding, Contributions to Biology from Investigations on, Yandell Henderson 503