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Sarawak, Omen Animals of, A. C. Haddon 80
Science, Progress of 92
Science, Progress of 187
Science, Progress of 283
Science, Progress of 379
Science, Progress of 475
Science, Progress of 568
"in 1901 424
"Democracy and the Recognition of 477
Scientific, Literature 89
Scientific, Literature 185
Scientific, Literature 281
Scientific, Literature 378
Scientific, Literature 473
Scientific, Literature 565
Scientific Items 96
Scientific Items 192
Scientific Items 288
Scientific Items 384
Scientific Items 480
Scientific Items 572
"Societies, Winter Meetings of 283
"Meetings of 380
"Work Here and Abroad 476
Seaside Station, Minnesota, Conway MacMillan 193
Secular Cooling and Meteoric Dust, Effect of, on Length of Day 190
Seeley's Dragons of the Air 473
Sensory Mechanism of Plants, D. T. MacDougal 174
Sex, in Plants, Origin of, Bradley Moore Davis 66
"Environment in Relation to, in Human Culture, Otis T. Mason 336
Sociology, Inductive, Giddings on 282
Soil, The, as an Economic and Social Factor, Frank K. Cameron 539
Species, Tendency of, to form Varieties, Charles Darwin 5
"Human, Differentiation of the, Lindley M. Keasbey 448
Spectrum of Lightning 479
Star, The New, in Perseus 286
Stars, Newcomb on the 281
Statistical Ideas, Importance of General, Sir Robert Giffen 106
Stellar Evolution in the Light of Recent Research, George E. Hale 291
Stevenson, J. J., Is this a Degenerate Age? 481
Street, Cement for Modern,S. F. Peckham 145
Sumner, W. G., Suicidal Fanaticism in Russia 442
Sun, Recent Total Eclipses of, Solon I. Bailey 240
Suicidal Fanaticism in Russia, W. G. Sumner 442
Sulfuric Acid, Manufacture of 479

Teacher, A, Functions of a Museum and of its Director 377
Telegraphy, Wireless 381
Theobald on Mosquitoes 566
Theology versus Thrift in the Black Belt, Charles Bartlett Dyke 360
Thilly, Frank, What is Philosophy? 513
Thomas on Intuitive Suggestions 378
Thorndike, Edward L., The Evolution of the Human Intellect 58
Thurston, R. H., The College-Man as Leader in the World's Work 346
Titchener, E. B., Were the Earliest Organic Movements Conscious or Unconscious? 458
Twilight in the Tropics, Bailey on 570

Universe, Visible, Magnitude and Mass of 287
University, Johns Hopkins, The 569

Varieties, on the Tendency of, to depart Indefinitely from the Original Type, Alfred Russel Wallace 13
Verrill, A. E., The Story of the Cahow 22
Virchow, Professor Rudolf, Eightieth Birthday of 187
Wallace, Alfred Russel, On the Tendency of Varieties to depart Indefinitely from the Original Type 13

Williston, S. W., Winged Reptiles 314
Wireless Telegraphy 381
Woodward on the Effect of Secular Cooling 190
Work and Rest —Genius and Stupidity, Alexander Francis Chamberlain 413
Wright, G. Frederick, The Noachian Deluge 279
Wright's Flowers and Ferns in their Haunts 91

Yale Bicentennial Exercises 187
Yearbook of the U. S. Department of Agriculture 185

Zinc in Dried Fruits 93
Zoological Congress, International 188
Zoology, Tendencies in 95
Zuider Sea, Draining of the, J. H. Gore 551