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Earth, Some Facts and Figures concerning the 188
Economic Microbes, Social Bacteria and, E. Atkinson 317
Edmunds, C. K., Peter Guthrie Tait 163
Education, Societies for the Scientific Study of 92
Educational Value of Photomicrography, A. C. Scott 143
Eels and the Eel Question, M. C. Marsh 426
Eigenmann, C. H., The Physical Basis of Heredity 32
Electrically Charged Molecules, The Physiological Effects of, J. Loeb 76
Electricity, Electronic Theory of, J. A. Fleming 5
Ellis, H., Mescal, a Study of a Divine Plant 52
Eminence, Scientific 568
Eminent, Men, Marriage among, E. L. Thorndike 328
"Chemists, Biographies of 92
"Chemists, Biographies of 189
"Chemists, Biographies of 477
Enteman, M. M., On the Behavior of Social Wasps 339
Eruptions, Volcanic, Causes of 186

Falkner, R. P., Political Economy 107
Fellowships, Are they Almsgiving or Investments? W. A. Kellerman 472
"""D. S. Jordan 565
Fleming, J. A., The Electronic Theory of Electricity 5
France, Earliest Evidences of Human Industry in, A. S. Packard 81
Funds for the Promotion of Research 381

Gale, M. C, and H., Children's Vocabularies 45
Geologist, Field Notes of, in Martinique and St. Vincent, T. A. Jaggar 352
Gilbert and Carnot's Les fonctions hépatiques 379
Gill, T., The Story of a Word—Mammal 434
Gold Mining in Klondike, H. A. Miers 230
Graduate School of Agriculture 475

Haeckel's Philosophy, The World-view of a Scientist, F. Thilly 407
Hahn, F., on the Periodicity of Solar Phenomena 94
Hall, President Asaph 284
Harper, President, on the American University 90
Heredity, The Physical Basis of, C. H. Eigenmann 32
"Mental and Moral, in Royalty, F. A. Woods 369
"Mental and Moral, in Royalty, F. A. Woods 449
"Mental and Moral, in Royalty, F. A. Woods 506
Herter's Lectures on Chemical Pathology 379
Hofmann, August Wilhelm von, Biographical Sketches of 477
Human, Industry in France, Earliest Evidences of, A. S. Packard 81
"Life, Commercial Value of, M. O. Leighton 120
"Species, the, Origin of 191
Hunt, T. F., and the Graduate School of Agriculture 475

Industry, Human, Earliest Evidences of, in France, A. S. Packard 81
Infectious Diseases, A. Springer 72
Instinct, D. A. Spalding 126
Investments or Almsgiving? Are Fellowships, W. A. Kellerman 472
"""D. S. Jordan 565

Jaggar, T. A., Field Notes of a Geologist in Martinique and St. Vincent 352
Jordan, D. S., University-building 330
"Origin of the Fins of Fishes 536
"Are Fellowships Almsgiving or Investments? 565
Journals, American, Science in 474

Keir, J., Sketch of the Life of 92
Kellerman, W. A., Are Fellowships Almsgiving or Investments? 472
Kelvin, Lord, in America 184
Klondike, Gold Mining in, H. A. Miers 230
Kneitsch, R., Sulfuric Acid and its Manufacture by the Contact-process 24

Laboratory, the Marine Biological, and the Carnegie Institution 473
Ladd, Professor, on the American University 90
Leblanc, Nicolas, and the Manufacture of Common Soda 478
Legislation, National 381
Leighton, M. O., The Commercial Value of Human Life 120
Library, Public, Scientific Reading in, A. E. Bostwick 524
Light and Colours, A New Theory of, Sir I. Newton 461
Loeb, J., The Physiological Effects of Electrically-charged Molecules 76
Lowell, P., Aerography 385

McGee, W. J., The Antillean Volcanoes 272
Mammal, The Story of a Word, T. Gill 434
Map of Volcanic Disturbances 187
Marine Biological Laboratory, The Carnegie Institution and the 473
Marriage among Eminent Men, E. L. Thorndike 328