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PSM V65 D194 Texas regions ravaged by the bollworm in 1903.png

Map of Texas showing Regions ravaged by this Bollworm in 1903.

this investigation and the means of control which the work of the department has shown to be most feasible are detailed in Farmers' Bulletin No. 189 relating to the cotton boll weevil, and in Farmers' Bulletin No. 191 relating to the cotton bollworm, from which publications the two maps presented herewith are taken.



The council of the Royal Society has adopted and submitted to the universities of the United Kingdom the following resolution:

"That the universities be respectfully urged to consider the desirability of taking such steps in respect of their regulations as will, so far as possible, ensure that a knowledge of science is recognized in schools and elsewhere as an essential part of general education."

The council has also appointed a committee, which has drawn up a statement in regard to the teaching of science in schools, which reads as follows:

"Notwithstanding efforts extending over more than half a century, it still remains substantially true that the public schools have devised for themselves no adequate way of assimilating into their system of education the principles and methods of science. The experience of 'modern sides' and other arrangements shows that it can hardly be expected that, without external stimulus and assistance, a type of public school education can be evolved which, whilst retaining literary culture, will at the same time broaden it by scientific interests. On the other hand, it is admitted that many stu-