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PSM V65 D291 Emmons blaine hall from scammons court.png

Emmons Blaine Hall from Scammon Court.

Education of the university. There were also additional addresses and departmental conferences in connection with the dedication of the building.

In their addresses President Harper and Dr. Jackman traced the history of the school, the former concluding with these words: "And so it has come about that in each case two agencies have united with each other; and that finally all six have been drawn together. These were Colonel Francis W. Parker with his faculty, and joined with them the sympathy and interest of Mrs. Emmons Blaine; the work of the Chicago Manual Training School under Mr. Belfield, and with it that of the South Side Academy, developed under the leadership of Mr. Owen; and, finally, the creative work of Mr. Dewey in his Laboratory School, and in connection with this the factor represented by the university itself. The history of these several movements and of their union with one another has been one of peculiar interest. Many difficulties have presented themselves from time to time, but one by one these difficulties have disappeared. What this school, made up thus of many elements, shall in the end contribute to the cause of education no man can predict. We may hope, however, that the results will be in proportion to the earnest effort thus far put forth by the many who have had at heart the sacredness of the cause. In so far as the school shall represent true ideals, it will help on the work. No more than this could be expected; no more than this could be asked for. The names of Colonel Parker, Mrs. Emmons Blaine, Mr. Belfield, Mr. Owen and Mr. Dewey are written in large letters on the foundation stones of this new structure."

Education and philosophy at Chicago suffer a serious loss by the removal of Professor Dewey to Columbia University. But the work that he has accomplished at Chicago remains; it has sufficient vitality to create its own leaders.