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Medal Struck in Honor of Captain Scott, Leader of the British Antarctic Expedition.

seventy-fourth year. Memorial services were held in the University of Michigan. Addresses were made by President Angell, Dean Vaughan and Dr. W. J. Herdman, of the medical faculty, and Professor M. L. D Ooge, of the literary faculty, and resolutions which had been adopted by the various faculties and classes, were read.


We regret to record the death of Alpheus Spring Packard, professor of zoology and geology at Brown University: of George Bond Howes, Huxley's successor in the chair of zoology at the Royal College of Science, London, and of Adolf Bastian, professor of ethnology at Berlin.

The Royal Geographical Society has struck a special gold medal in honor of Captain Scott, leader of the British Antarctic Expedition, an illustration of which is herewith reproduced.—The British Astronomical Society has conferred its gold medal on Professor Lewis Boss, director of the Dudley Observatory at Albany.—The Prussian Academy of Science has awarded its Helmholtz medal to Professor Ramón y Cajal, professor of neurology at Madrid.

The University of Pennsylvania has conferred the doctorate of science on Dr. R. S. Woodward, president of the Carnegie Institution; and the Johns Hopkins University has conferred the doctorate of laws on Professor William Osier, who is about to assume the regius professorship of medicine, at Oxford.—M. Moissan, of Paris, and Professor Wilhelm Ostwald, of Leipzig, have been elected corresponding members of the Berlin Academy of Sciences.—M. Janssen, director of the observatory at Meudon, and M. Moissan, professor of chemistry at the Sorbonne, have been elected members of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences.—Professor Svante A. Arrhenius, of Stockholm, Professor W. F. P. Pfeffer, of Leipzig, and Professor W. Spring, of the University of Liege, have been elected honorary members of the German Chemical Society.