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The Ganong Botanical Apparatus

Attention is called to the apparatus for use in plant physiology, and especially adapted for college and secondary school work, which we are producing under the direction of Pro- fessor W. F. Ganong, of Smith College.

New methods of teaching botany make this apparatus indispensable.

Experiments in photosynthesis, transpira- tion, osmosis, respiration, may be carried on by the use of this apparatus, so as to render processes intelligible to students.

A complete descriptive catalog with full directions for use of the various pieces has been published and will be sent free on re- quest.

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Bausch & Lomb Optical Co., Rochester, N.Y. New York, Boston, Washington.Chicago, San Francisco


This model is a favorite one with British students and it is especially advantageous be- cause additions may be made to it as may be found necessary or con- venient.

It has Watson's diagonal rack-work coarse adjustment and perfected lever fi n e adjustment. The stage is covered with rubber and it carries an Abbe il- luminator. A late president o f t h e Eoyal Microscop- ical Society said of it : "A Microscope that can for the first time with truth be called 'good enough for Histo- logical purposes.' "

Price, stand only c 4

With § and | Objectives, 1 ocular and case £6160 With " " 2 oculars, Abbe

Illuminator with Iris diaphragm, and case £8 6

Illustrated 178-page catalogue of microscopes and accessories mailed free on request; more than 20 models to select from at $10. up Microscopes may be imported free by Educational Institutions.

WATSON & SONS, Microscope Manufacturers,



Established 1837. Awarded 42 Gold and other medal6 — micro-

scopic Objects may be conveniently sent to the U. S. by parcel post.

American Agents: The Scientific Shop (A.B. Portkb) Rooms 1230. 1245 Monon Building, 324 Dearborn Street, Chicago, through whom orders should be sent. .


For School


College Use

Can be imported free of duty at a saving of from 35 to 40% from the American prices. We import microscopes for the largest institutions in the country.

The New Reflecting Lantern

for showing on the screen opaque objects, book illustrations, engravings and lantern slides, is the most perfect instrument of its kind. It has a detachable Book-Holder. Concentrates all light on the object. Shows printed matter correctly.

Lantern Slides and Microscopic Slides

illustrating Botany, Geology and other sciences. Lists on application.

WILLIAMS, BROWN & EARLE, Dept. 3 , 918 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.


I. Collection of Lantern Slides representing the micro- photos of the plates of the latest edition of H. Rosen- busch's and E. Wulflng's text-book, " Mikroskopische Physiographie," Vol. I., Parts I. and II.

Rosenbusch-Collection A (Plates IV.-XVL, Vol. I.,

Part I.), showing growth of crystals, inclusions, aggre- gates, deformations, &c. ; 76 slides, 106 Marks.

Rosenbusch-Collection B (Plates I.-XII., Vol. I., Part II.), showing the rock-forming minerals, 72 slides 100 Marks.

II. The New Collection of Slides for the illustration of the Study of Earthquakes, arranged by Dr. A. Sieberg (Strassburg) ; showing not only the effects of earthquakes, but principally the mode of investigation ; seismometer, seismoscope, seismogram, &c, &c. ; the col- lection consists of 78 slides, 110 Marks.

New Supplement of the Earthquake-Collection, the Valparaiso and San Francisco Earthquakes ; 25 slides, 36 Marks.

Ask for our New Semestral Lists of Minerals, Rocks, and Fossils, each separate. Minerals sent for Inspection.

��Collections of Minerals, Fossils, Meteorites, purchased for cash or exchanged.

��Dr. F. KRA1NT2;


Established 1833 GERMANY. Established 1833

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