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Bausch & Lomb BH Microscope

has been designed especially for use in schools and colleges, and in it we have aimed to produce a very rigid, durable instrument, at a moderate price.

It is of the handle arm type and hence possesses the great ad- vantage of enabling it to be carried without injury to the fine adjust- ment, a point of much importance in laboratory work where instru- ments are continually handled by students.

The fine adjustment is unusu- ally responsive. The working parts are thoroughly protected from dust. BH 2, with f and ^ objectives, 1 -in. eye-piece, double nose-piece,


BH 4, with f and ^ objectives, 2 -in.

and 1-in. eye-pieces, double

nose-piece, . . . $35.00

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.

Carl Zeiss, Jena


George N. Saegmuller

Offices : \ £• New York \

-g / Washington / San Francisco

Boston \

/ London


Frankfort o/M




Student's Microscope

Model "H"

The most popular British made Mi- croscope.

It combines all the requirements that original re- search, high-power work and photo- micrography call for, including coarse and fine ad- justments of high- ' est precision, me- chanical move- ments to stage and compound Sub- stage, with screws to center and rack- work to focus.

Stand only, price £ 9 12 6

With § and £ Objectives. 2 oculars, Abbe Illuminator with Iris diaphragm, and

Mahogany case 15

Oil Immersion ^ " 1.20 N.A 4 00

T V 130 N.A 5

Illustrated 178-page catalogue of microscopes and accessories mailed free on request; more than 20 models to select from at S7/6 up.

WATSON & SONS Microscope Manufacturers,



Established 1837. Awarded 42 Gold and other Medals

Microscopes may be imported free by

Educational Institutions

American Agents: The Scientific Shop (A. B. Porter) Rooms 1230- 1245 Monon Building, 324 Dearborn Street, Chicago, through whom orders should be sent.

For showing on the screen opaque objects, book Illustrations, engravings, and lantern slides. It is the most perfect instrument of its kind. It has a detachable Book-Holder. It concentrates all light on the object. It shows printed matter correctly. It is in use at

Harvard, Cornell, U. of P., Leland Stanford, Girard College and hundreds of other institutions.

Wifeless Telegraph Outfits

For school room and experimental -work. Com- plete sending and receiving stations.

Lantern Slides — Microscopic Slides

Illustrating Botany, Geology and other sciences. Lists on application.

WILLIAMS, BROWN & EARLE, Dept. N, 918 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.



StaiS'.. Valparaiso University, v fa™'r

One of the Largest Universities and Training Schools in the United States

26 Departments 166 Instructors

Excellent Equipments

Expenses less than at any other school. Catalogue mailed free. Address

H. B. BROWN, President.

or 0. P. KINSEY, Vice Pre*. Our thirty-fifth year will open September 3, 1907.

Fossils, Minerals,

Shells, Mounted Birds and Mammals

For the amateur or advanced collector. Tools and eupplies for all kinds of Natural History work. Illustrated catalogue free.

A. W.JONES, Box 377 Salina, Kansas

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