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New School Projection Lantern C

This lantern has been designed with special reference to school work, the aim being to produce an apparatus of per- fect mechanical construction and the latest improvements (feat- ures that have heretofore been embodied in the higher priced lanterns only) at a moderate price.

This device is simple, efficient, portable and convertible, and can be used either single, or double with a dissolve!. Made for use with arc light or acetylene gas. It can be equipped with microscope and thus practically covers the whole range of school projection work. Price complete as shown $50. With acetylene burner $45.

We shall be glad to send descriptive circular. ■ " PRISM " is a Little Magazine we publish monthly. Not a mere advertisement, but a beautifully made and printed little pub- lication about that world of wonder and beauty seen by the lens. Send us your name and we will enter your subscription FREE.

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co

Carl Zeiss, Jena Offices: New York Boston Chicago

George N. Saegmuller San Francisco Washington London Frankfort



For School


College Use

Can be imported free of duty at a saving of from 35 to 40% from the American prices. We import microscopes for the largest institutions in the country.

The New Reflecting Lantern

for showing on the screen opaque objects, book illustrations, engravings and lantern slides, is the most perfect instrument of its kind. It is in use at Harvard, Cornell, U. of P., Leland Stanford, Girard College and 500 other institutions.

Lantern Slides and Microscopic Slides

illustrating Botany, Geology and other sciences. Lists on application. ,

WILLIAMS, BROWN & EARLE, Dept. N , 918 Chestnut SC, Philadelphia, Pa.






This model is a favorite one with British students and it is especially advantageous be- cause additions may be made to it as may be found necessary or con- venient.

It has Watson's diagonal rackwork coarse adjustment and perfected lever fine adjustment. The stage is covered with rubber and it carries an Abbe il- luminator. A late president o f t h e Royal Microscop- ical Society said of it : "A Microscope that can for the first time with truth be called 'good enough for Histo- logical purposes.' "

Price, stand only £ 4

With § and £ Objectives, 1 ocular and case £6150 With " '* 2 oculars, Abbe

Illuminator with Iris diaphragm, and case £8 5

Illustrated 178-page catalogue of microscopes and accessoriei mailed free on request; more than 20 models to select from at 37/6 up. Microscopes may be imported free by Educational Institutions.

WATSON & SONS, Microscope Manufacturers,



Established 1837. Awarded 42 Gold and other medals — micro scopic Objects may be conveniently sent to the U. S. by parcel post.

American Agents: The Scientific Shop (A. B. Porter) Rooms 1230 1245 Mouod Building, 324 Dearborn Street, Chicago, through whom orders should be sent.



c'.SS.'S r of Valparaiso University, v S5E2r

One of the Largest Universities and Training Schools in the United States

26 Departments 165 Instructors

Excellent Equipments

Expenses less than at any other school. Catalogue mailed free. Address

H. B. BROWN. President.

or 0. P. KINSEY, Vice Pres. Our thirty-fifth year will open September 3, 1907.


For Young: Women


The purpose of Lasell is to develop its pupils into a high type of womanhood.

A sound body, well-trained mind, and a character with high ideals, are the logical result of the home-school life at Lasell. Many parents have written strong commendatory letters on the unusual quality of the schoolwork.

Beautiful, healthful location ten miles from Boston. Special advantages in Music, Art and Home Economics.

Lasell is well worth investigating.

For catalogue and information, address

C. C. BRAGPON, Principal.

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