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Presidents. Two Great University 569
Professor, The Financial Status of the, in America and in Germany 285
Progress of Science 93
Progress of Science 189
Progress of Science 283
Progress of Science 380
Progress of Science 475
Progress of Science 569
Public School Teacher in a Democracy. Henry R. Linville 413
Pulsation. The Cause of, Alfred Goldsborough Mayer 481
Pure Science, The Practical Value of, Thos. H. Montgomery, Jr. 234

Radiant Matter, Hypothesis of, Morris Loeb 52
Ramaley, Frances, The Botanical Gardens of Ceylon 193
Reed, Howard S., Modern and Early Work on the Question of Root Excretions 257
Ridgeway, William, The Application of Zoological Laws to Man 500
River Problem, The Mississippi, Walter Sheldon Tower 13
Rockwell, A. E. P., Facts concerning Milk 166
Root Excretions, Modern and Early Work on, Howard S. Reed 257
Rotation of Crops, Samuel Fraser 403
Rumford, Count, John Candee Dean 32
Running in the Last Olympiad, A. E. Kennelly 385

S. E., Celibate Education To-day 423
Sargent, D. A., The Physique of Scholars, Athletes and the Average Student 248
Science, Pure, The Practical Value of, Thos. H. Montgomery, Jr. 234
"The Progress of 93
"The Progress of 189
"The Progress of 283
"The Progress of 380
"The Progress of 475
"The Progress of 569
Scientific Items 96
Scientific Items 192
Scientific Items 286
Scientific Items 384
Scientific Items 480
Scientific Items 571
Scripture, E. W., Japanese Handwriting 277
Selection, Natural, The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Announcement of 475
Shipley, Maynard, Crimes of Violence in Chicago and in Greater New York 127
Silver, Theo. F. Van Wagenen 267
Social Attraction, The Laws of, Simon N. Patten 354
Soil Wastage, Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin 5
Spaulding, Perley, A Biographical History of Botany at St. Louis, Missouri 488
Specialist Blight on American Education, James P. Munroe 340
Species, A Case of Unparalleled Extermination of: the Passing of the Sturgeon, Walter Sheldon Tower 361
Speech, The Inadequacy of, Chas. W. Super 429
Spencer, Herbert, Life and Letters of 283
Spencer, W. J., The Spoliation of the Falls of Niagara 289
Stevens, W. Le Conte, College Standardization 528
Sturgeon, the Passing of, A Case of the Unparalleled Extermination of a Species, Walter Sheldon Tower 361
Sun and the Earth, and the History of the Conservation of Energy, Florian Cajori 97
Super, Chas. W., The Inadequacy of Speech 429

Tower, Walter Sheldon, The Mississippi River Problem 13
"The Passing of the Sturgeon 361

Universities, American. Administration Methods in 93
"Doctorates conferred by 380
University Presidents, Two Great 567

Van Wagenen, Theo. F., Silver 267
Vertebrate Life of a Great Permian Delta, with Restorations by the Author, E. C. Case 557
Violence, Crimes of. in Chicago and in Greater New York, Maynard Shipley 127

Waddell, John, Canadian Wheat 523
Wastage, Soil, Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin 5
Wenley, R. M., The Movement towards "Physiological" Psychology 73
Wenley, R. M., The Movement towards "Physiological" Psychology 135
Wenley, R. M., The Movement towards "Physiological" Psychology 226
Wheat, Canadian, John Waddell 528
Will, Thomas Elmer, Shall Our Forest Wealth be Destroyed? 176
Winchell. N. H., Prehistoric Aborigines of Minnesota and their Migrations 207

Zoological Laws, The Application of, to Man, William Ridgeway 500
Zoology, Henry E. Crampton 441