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I N D E X.

Adamas, or the Symmetries of Isometric Crystals, B. K. Emerson 581
Agriculture in the High School, Josiah Main 385
American, Museum of Natural History, The Extension of 205
"Director of 414
"Geographical Society 310
"Mathematics, G. A. Miller 459
Amherst Idea 102
Animal Kingdom, The Narrowing Circle of. Thos. D. Eason 272
Antiquity, Lack of Printing in. Frederic Drew Bond 584
Aqueduct, The Catskill 98
Armsby, Henry Prentiss, Conservation of the Food-supply 496

Baker, Smith, The Relative Importance of Mental Pain 355
Baldwin, Bird T., The Psychology of Mental Deficiency 82
Bateson, W., Genetics 313
Bering River Coal Field, Alaska. George F. Kay 417
Bond, Frederic Drew, Lack of Printing in Antiquity 584
British Association, Address of the President 412
"Portsmouth Meeting 516
Buffon and the Problem of Species, Arthur O. Lovejoy 464
Buffon and the Problem of Species, Arthur O. Lovejoy 554
Bureau of Standards. Henry S. Carhart 209
Bushee, Frederick A., Science and Social Progress 236

Calkins, Gary N., Protozoan Germ Plasm 568
Carhart, Henry S., The Bureau of standards 209
Catskill Aqueduct 98
Chinese, The Race Fiber of. Edward A. Ross 403
"Science among the. C. K. Edmunds 521
Civilization and Vegetation, George J. Peirce 328
Clark. Hubert Lyman. The Purpose and Some Principles of Systematic Zoology 261
Classification of the Sciences. Ira Woods Howerth 165
Coal Field, The Bering River, Alaska. George F. Kay 417
Cockerell, T. D. A., University in Politics 160
College, What makes a.? A. B. Wolfe 151
"Studies and Professional Training 514
Color Line, A World-wide, U. G. Weatherly 474
Concealing Coloration, Abbott H. Thayer 20
Conservation of the Food-supply. Henry Prentiss Armsby 496
Conservatism, Constitutional, of Women. Otto Charles Glaser 299
Crossing of the Races, J. G. Wilson 486
Crystals, Isometric, Adamas or the Symmetries of, B. K. Emerson 581

Deficiency, Mental, The Psychology of, Bird T. Baldwin 82
Desert Plants, Water Relations of, D. T. MacDougal 540

Eason, Thos. D., The Narrowing Circle of the Animal Kingdom 272
Economics. A Bugbear of, Herbert Adolphus Miller 594
Edmunds, C. K., Science among the Chinese 521
Elliott, Orris Leslie, University Standards and Student Activities 68
Emerson, B. K., Adamas, or the Symmetries of Isometric Crystals 581
Engineering and Mathematics in Nature, Arnold Emch 450
English as an International Language, Albert Leon Guérard 337
Environmental Influence, The Laws of, Simon N. Patten 396

Fay, E. W., Language Study and Language Psychology 369
Feeling in the Interpretation of Nature, William E. Ritter 126
Fiber, Race, of the Chinese. Edward A. Ross 403
Flight, Mechanical. Langley Memoir on 409
Floating Islands, Sidney Powers 303
Fly, Typhoid, on the Minnesota Iron Range, F. L. Washburn 137
Food Preparation and Efficient Personality in the Home. Laura Clarke Rockwood 277
Food-supply, Conservation of the. Henry Prentiss Armsby 496