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Pennsylvania, University of, Zoological Laboratory 617
Pension System, University, The Moral Influence of a, Henry S. Pritchett 502
Perfect Flowers in Maize, E. G. Montgomery 346
Plants, Desert, Water Relations of, D. T. MacDougal 540
Politics, University in, T. D. A. Cockerell 160
Population of France 615
Powers, Sidney, Floating Islands 303
Printing in Antiquity, Lack of, Frederic Drew Bond 584
Pritchett, Henry S., The Moral Influence of a University Pension System 502
Professional Training and College Studies 514
Progress of Science 98
Progress of Science 205
Progress of Science 309
Progress of Science 409
Progress of Science 514
Progress of Science 615
Protozoan Germ Plasm, Gary N. Calkins 568
Psychology, of Mental Deficiency, Bird T. Baldwin 82
"The Significance of Tropisms for, Jacques Loeb 105
"Language and Language Study, E. W. Fay 369

Races, the Crossing of the, J. G. Wilson 486
Ritter, William E., Feeling in the Interpretation of, Nature 126
Rockwood, Laura Clarke, Food Preparation and Efficient Personality in the Home 277
Ross, Edward A., The Race Fiber of the Chinese 403

Sapir, Edward, The History and Varieties of Human Speech 45
School, The Germans at, Hugo Münsterberg 602
Science, The Progress of 98
Science, The Progress of 205
Science, The Progress of 309
Science, The Progress of 409
Science, The Progress of 514
Science, The Progress of 615
"and Social Progress, Frederick A. Bushee 236
"among the Chinese, C. K. Edmunds 521
Sciences, Classification of the, Ira Woods Howerth 165
Scientific Items 104
Scientific Items 208
Scientific Items 311
Scientific Items 416
Scientific Items 520
Scientific Items 619
Scripture, Winifred, The Sounds "ch" and "j," 350
Seals, Fur, Protection of 206
Social Progress and Science, Frederick A Bushee 236
Sounds "ch" and "j," Winifred Scripture 350
Species, Buffon and the Problem of, Arthur O. Lovejoy 464
Species, Buffon and the Problem of, Arthur O. Lovejoy 554
Speech, Human, The History and Varieties of, Edward Sapir 45
Standards, Bureau of, Henry S. Carhart 209
Student Activities and University Standards, Orris Leslie Elliott 68
Systematic Zoology, The Purpose and Some Principles of, Hubert Lyman Clark 261

Taylor, Alonzo Englebert, Is Vegetarianism capable of World-wide Application? 587
Thayer, Abbott, H., Concealing Coloration 20
Tropisms, the Significance of, for Psychology, Jacques Loeb 105
Trowbridge, C. C., The Origin of Luminous Meteor Trains 191
Typhoid Fly on the Minnesota Iron Range, F. L. Washburn 137

University, Standards and Student Activities, Orris Leslie Elliott 68
"in Politics, T. D. A. Cockerell 160
"Pension System, The Moral Influence of a, Henry S. Pritchett 502

Universities, A Hand-book of 520

Washburn, F. L., The Typhoid Fly on the Minnesota Iron Range 137
Water Relations of Desert Plants, D. T. MacDougal 540
Weatherly, U. G., A World-wide Color Line 474
Whitman, Charles Otis, and the Marine Biological Laboratory 309
Wilson, J. G., The Crossing of the Races 486
Wolfe, A. B., What makes a College? 151
Women, Constitutional Conservatism of, Otto Charles Glaser 299
World-wide Color Line, U. G. Weatherly 474

Van't Hoff, Jacobus Henricus, Harry C. Jones 95
Vegetarianism, Is it Capable of Worldwide Application, A. E. Taylor 587
Vegetation and Civilization, George J. Peirce 328

Zoological Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania 617
Zoology, Systematic, The Purpose and some Principles of, Hubert Lyman Clark 261