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Field Hospital.

spared to render clear to the understanding the mysteries of health and disease. All the available arts and sciences had been pressed into service of this great object. The systematic representation of the subject was pursued with great consequence. An introductory lecture was given in the great hall every morning. A culture of living protozoa was projected on the screen in an adjoining dark room, their life histories explained. In another dark room, the production of antibodies in the blood, excited by the action of bacteria, was shown on the screen. Then, the life cycle of the silk worm and the preparation of silk was similarly shown on the screen. Over one hundred microscopes, all in the most perfect working order, and under a splendid system of illumination, served to demonstrate monocellular organisms, mitotic cell-division, fertilization and embryonic development as well as the adult cellular structure of every organ in the human body.

The gradual development from a single cell of some of the lower animals as well as intra-uterine development of the human embryo was beautifully shown by a series of embryos rendered transparent by the method of Spalteholz. A splendid series of wax and plaster models in

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Field Kitchen.