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Cruz, now continued by that of Dr. Figueiredo de Vasconcellos, the pioneer leaders in this work, Rio de Janeiro is now free from yellow fever and one of the healthiest cities on the Atlantic coast of South America.

China.—The government of China, through the erection of its beautiful pavilion, filled with exhibits covering all the present departments of hygiene in the Chinese Empire, has succeeded in demonstrating its interest in and desire for the introduction of hygienic methods into the country. The members of the Chinese commission

PSM V80 D128 Workmen insurance building.png
Hall for Workingmen's Insurance. In the Rear the Hall for Chemistry and Scientific Instruments.

have been instructed by their government to study hygiene and sanitation in all the European states, with the view of applying these methods to the needs of the people inhabiting the Chinese Empire. The opportunities for the beginning of such a study could never have been more advantageous than they were at the exposition of Dresden.

England.—Under the high protectorate of H. R. H. Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein and the presidency of the Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of London, a British National Committee, numbering about 250 members, was formed at the eleventh hour, for the purpose of giving the British people an opportunity of giving expression of their sympathy with the exhibition and its high aims, by contributing their exhibits and thus largely adding to the completeness of the results of the undertaking. Being an almost daily visitor at the British pavilion for several weeks, and, attending the daily demonstrations by Dr. Armit, I can not but express my great admiration at the completeness