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PSM V80 D199 Kitchen in the vanderbilt tenements 1.png

Fig. 5. A Kitchen in the Vanderbilt Tenements, showing cement flooring with unbroken, curved joining of floor and walls; also the triple-hung windows.

window may be thrown open. Moreover, each apartment has a strong, spacious iron balcony reached through the windows. These balconies have no communication with each other and are sufficiently wide to be used as sleeping porches if desired. The arrangement of the rooms is such that no outside widows open on toilets or hallways. All of them are either in kitchens or bedrooms and in a great majority of the apartments there is a direct cross draught through the rooms, from the street side to the inner court, or from the courts separating the various units.

Both the roofs and the cellars of the Vanderbilt buildings are in a

PSM V80 D199 Kitchen in the vanderbilt tenements 2.png

Fig. 6. Another View of a Kitchen, showing hood over the gas range.