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sense the common property of all tenants. In the basements are laundries for the use of tenants who prefer not to do their washing in their own rooms, and the roofs provide ample space where children may play or for older folks to rest or do their light housework in the open air.

Within the tenements, all the woodwork and structural furnishings are planned in the simplest possible way. There is no attempt at ornamentation, but everything is done to further the effort to secure cleanliness and wholesomeness. The floors are of concrete monolythic construction, or all of one solid surface and they have the sanitary base which means that they round up gradually into the walls with no sharp joints or corners.

The buildings are lighted throughout with electricity, but there are gas ranges for cooking over which are wide metal hoods which carry the odors and vapors from the stove into a flue which runs up into a pipe extending high above the floor of the roof. Sanitary earthenware is used in the bath rooms and for the set-tubs in the kitchens.