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selves to the study of eastern philosophy ought to develop results of wide value.

For the historical investigations and other special duties intrusted to the universities, such as agriculture experimentation, forestry work, support of a marine laboratory, and similar duties, funds have been provided which, while inadequate, must be conceded to be large in view of the ratio of demand to supply in the national exchequer. For general support of the universities an annual appropriation of 1,358,838 yen ($679,419) is made to Tokyo and 840,000 yen ($420,000) to Kyoto, These funds are supplemented by special appropriations, fees, donations, and income from endowment. The total sum available at Kyoto for 1911 was $728,902. Small as this amount is in proportion to the work that can be done, no one can visit the Japanese universities without being deeply impressed with the strong hold they have on the interest of the nation. A reading of the list of benefactions and endowments at either institution makes clear that this affection is bounded by neither class nor section. Scholarships and special aid funds have been established by banks, by mining, shipbuilding, and mercantile companies, and memorial scholarships of all ranks of importance have been provided. The amounts are not large, $100 to $500 being most frequently mentioned, though both larger and smaller sums have been given. With the inevitable fall in interest rate the value of the individual gifts is bound to decrease, despite careful regulations for repayment of money advanced from them. The spirit, however, that they reflect, and which at the same time they foster, will become increasingly valuable. It is this that has made Tokyo a great educational center which will more and more attract special students from all over the world. It is the inevitable result of the whole-hearted cooperation of the Emperor, the government, and the people, both rich and poor, who are earnestly working to give to beloved Nippon the best there is in education as in other things.