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the infectious diseases caused by invisible germs—the prospects of success are brightening. But in contradistinction to the protozoan disorders the ordinary or common bacterial diseases (diseases due to the streptococcus and staphylococcus, B. coli, typhoid and dysentery, and above all tuberculosis) will not be vanquished without a hard struggle. Nevertheless. I look forward with full confidence to this development also, and, without being set down as an optimist, will put forward the view that in the next five years we shall have advances of the highest importance to record in this field of research.


We record with regret the death of Dr. Tempest Anderson, of York, England, known for his publications on earthquakes and volcanoes, and of Dr. Hermann Credner, professor of geology at Leipzig, and director of the Geological Survey of Saxony.

Professor William Bateson, director of the John Innes Horticultural Institute, has been elected president of the British Association for the Advancement of Science for the meeting to be held next year in Australia.—At the meeting of the section of tropical medicine and hygiene of the recent International Medical Congress, Sir Patrick Manson was presented with a gold plaque. It bears his portrait and on the other side an allegorical group representing science triumphing over disease in a tropical landscape.—In honor of Professor John Milne and to continue his work in seismology, it is proposed to collect a fund for endowment. His seismological observatory will probably be moved from the Isle of Wight to Oxford.

The Permanent International Eugenics Committee, which met in Paris on August 4, decided to hold the next International Congress in New York during September, 1915. Major Leonard Darwin presided, Mrs. Gotto acted as secretary, and the following countries were represented: England (Dr. Edgar Schuster), America (Dr. F. A. Woods), France (M. Lucien March), Germany (Professor A. Ploetz), Italy (Professor C. Gini), Denmark (Dr. S. Hansen), Norway (Dr. J. A. Mjöen).