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I N D E X.

Absorption and Emission Centers of Light and Heat, W, W. Strong 240
Alcohol, Motive, G. T. W. Patrick 249
"from a Scientific Point of View, J. Frank Daniel 550
American Land Values, Increase of, Scott Nearing 491
Ancient Man, his Environment and his Art, George Grant MacCurdy 5
Andrews, E. Benjamin, Education through Reading 139
Angell, Frank, Gustav Theodor Fechner 40
Animals, Domesticated, Protection of, Veranus A. Moore 581
Application of the Physiology of Color Vision in Modern Art, Henry G. J. Keller and J. J. R. Macleod 450
Art and Environment of Ancient Man, George Grant MacCurdy 5
"Modern, Application of the Physiology of Color Vision, Henry G. Keller and J. J. R. MaCleod 450
Avebury, Lord, and Passing of Victorian Era 101

Bardin, James, The Psychological Factor in Southern Race Problems 368
Barton, Samuel M., The Fourth Dimension 381
Bernouilli's Principle and its Application to explain the Curving of a Baseball, S. LeRoy Brown 199
Biological Forecast, G. H. Parker 300
British Association, Presidential Address 413
Brown, Calvin S., The Petrified Forest of Mississippi 466
Brown, S. LeRoy, Bernouilli's Principle and its Application to explain the Curving of a Baseball 199
Bureau of Science of the Philippine Islands 205
Business Man and the High School Graduate, James P. Munroe 73

Canal Zone Sanitation, J. S. Lankford 294
Changes, Suspended, in Nature, James H. Walton 23
Chemiotherapy and Dr. Paul Ehrlich 415
Child Development, Scientific Study of, James Burt Miner 506
Chile, Nitrate Fields of, Walter S. Tower 209
China, Western, Remarkable Monument in, Roger Sprague 557
Churchman, P. H., The Place of Study in the College Curriculum 567
College, President, Next, A Near Professor 265
"Entrance Requirements, Frank L. McVey 286
"Curriculum, Place of Study in, P. H. Churchman 567
Colonization, Jewish, in Palestine, O. F. Cook 428
Color Vision in Modern Art, Physiology of, Henry G. Keller and J. J. R. Macleod 450
Conklin, Edwin G., The Size of Organisms and of their Constituent Parts in Relation to Longevity, Senescence and Rejuvenescence 178
Contact Electrification, Discovery of, Fernando Sanford 441
Cook, O. F., Jewish Colonization in Palestine 428
Culture and Environment from the Standpoint of Invention, Clark Wissler 164

Daniel, J. Frank, Alcohol from a Scientific Point of View 550
Davenport, C. B., Heredity, Culpability, Praiseworthiness, Punishment and Reward 33
Development, Child, Scientific Study of, J. Burt Miner 506
Dietetics, History of, John Benjamin Nichols 417
Discovery of Contact Electrification, Fernando Sanford 441
Distribution and Cause of Pellagra 207

Earth and Sun as Magnets, George E. Hale 105
Economic Factors in Eugenics, William L. Holt 471
Education through Reading, E. Benjamin Andrews 139
Educational Eugenics, Chas. W. Hargitt 355
Ehrlich, Dr. Paul, and Chemiotherapy 415
Electrification, Contact, Fernando Sanford 441
Emerick, Charles F., The Struggle for Equality in the United States 538