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��Page A Draftsman's I nkstand Which Will Not Overturn 610 Improved Method for Decorative Glass Blowing, . 610 Renovating Nickel Plate with Tinfoil and Solder. 610 Wnal to Do with Small Pieces of Bath Sponge. . . 610

Keeping Rats Out of the Corn-Crib 611

Adjustable Overshoes to Prevent Horses from

Slipping 612

An Easily Constructed Support for a Trap-Door. . 612

To Lengthen a Shot-Chain on a Pull Socket 613

To Make a Dry Battery Having Lasting Qualities 613 A Weight and Pulley to Adjust Flexible Lamp

Cords 613

Annealing Brass Pipe for Bending 614

Two Types of Inexpensive Depth Gages 614

How to Make a Mallet from a Piece of Broomstick 61 5 Operating the Oil-Pump of an Automobile by Valve

Action 615

How to Make Your Watch-Dial Luminous 616

Making a Pplisher for Table Cutlery from a Piece of

Carpet 616

Benches for Electrical and Mechanical Machinery 617 Protecting the Gas Range with a Wind-Shield .... 618 A Simple Method of Filing Checks and Receipts . 618 Utilizing an Old-Fashioned Flat-iron as an Anvil. 618

A Canteen Made by a Junior Boy Scout 619

The Indian's Method of Tethering a Horse 619

Keeping Your Ties in Good Condi ticn 619

A Simple Way of Making a Canoe Unsinkable . . . 619

A Novel Experiment with a Lamp-Bulb 620

Prolonging the Usefulness of a Saucepan Cover. . . 620

Removing Old Putty from a Window-Pane 625

A Too! for Fishing Wires Through Small Openings 626 Magnet-Power of Toy Automobiles for Window

Display 626

A Switch Operated by Pressure on a Footboard. . 632 A Magneto Made from Two Discarded Cannons. . 644 Charging Weak Magnetos of Weak Automobiles. . 672 Making the Water from a Faucet Vibrate Fifteen

Times a Second 730

Field Photograph Kit for the Use of the Artillery. 739 A Show- Window Advertising Device Operated by

Gas Bubbles 760

How Electricity and Temperature Affect a Watch , 76 I

A Foot- Warmer Attachment for a Radiator 761

A Combination Tool with Many Uses 762

Marking Points to Bore Holes for Dowels 762

Painting a Ladderless Standpipe 762

Making a Serviceable Fireless Cooker 763

To Keep the Water in the Aquarium Clean .... 763

Loosening a Wood Screw to Draw It Easily 764

Transforming a Wheelbarrow into a Fantastic Toy 764 Constructing a Sidecar for a Bicycle or Motorcycle 765 A Fire and Water-Proof Cement for Mending Stove

Fire-Brick 766

An Improved Grinder for Gas-Engine Valves. . . . 766 A Revolving Telephone Index on the Transmitter 766

How to Build a Stereopticon 767

A Substitute Blow Torch for Soldering Joints. . . . 772

To Make a Storm Vestibule on a Veranda 772

An Easy Method for Drilling Holes in Glass 774

An Emergency Clothes Hanger for the Traveler. . 774 Utilizing a Piano Stool as a Typewriter Stand. . . . 774

An Automatic Cleaner for Bicycle Hubs 773

A Heat Deflector for a Hoi Air Register 775

How to Straighten the Crooked Straws of a Broom 775 An Improved Force-Filter Which Is Easily Cleaned 775 A Scheme for Soldering Metals Difficult to Join. . 775

Plane Blade Clamp and Emery- Wheel Guide 776

A Hallowe'en Chamber of Horrors 777

An Alarm-Clock Dinner Bell for Old Dobbin 779

An Experiment with the Static Electricity from

Belts. ... 779

An Automatic Grain-Valve to Prevent Waste. , . . 780 Brackets for Double Shceln of Wrapping Paper. . . 780 Keeping Rousted Peanuts Hot on a Steam Radiator 780 Making Storm Sashes from Old Shutter-Frames. . 781 Gc-tting Maximum Service from a Typewriter

Kibbon 782

Lubricating Automobile Spring Shacklcii and Bolts 783 A Pocket I'lash-Luinn on the Bicycle Handlebar. . 79' F.ntiinating the Speed of Fussing Automobiles . . . ?84 A Practical Pulverizer Made from u Cutter-Bar. . 784

Dc-Sutphating Storage-Battery Plates 787

Init'ilutcd Plicr IHondlen with rune Cases 788

A Home-Madc hlood-Light Projector 788

Making an Alternate Current Buxzer from Old Bell

C oiln 788


Caring for Storage Batteries in Automobiles 792

Discarded Type-Cases in the Amateur's Shop .... 792

A New Method of Reviving Old Dry Batteries. . . 793

Amateur Trench Electricians 794

Avoiding Clouded and Grimy Ceilings 796

To Prevent Asphaltum in Cans from Evaporating 79&

The Construction of a Small Concrete Corn-Crib. . 800

Utilizing the Waste from Welsbach Mantles 841

A Quick Method for Measuring Light 648

Making Decorative Butterflies in Sheet-Copper. 921 Repairing Automobile Tires to Prevent Bulky

Places 92 1

Grinding Automobile Engine-Valve Seats Set in

a Sleeve 922

Making Flexible Mirrors from Tinfoil on Celluloid 922

A Water-Barrel Elevator in a Well 923

Secret of Success in Filing Cross-Cut Saws 923

A Toy Bank of Wood Made Without Nails 924

Making a Wood-Burning Heater for the Home. . . 924

Making the Vibrations of the Voice Draw Designs 925

Friction Tape Used for Plaster Strips 925

A Home-Made Heating Arrangement 926

How to Make a Pendulum Swing Easily 926

Starting an Automobile When One Rear Wheel Is

on Ice 926

Lifted Tread Sections in Making Automobile Tire

Repairs 926

A Motorcycle Bob 927

Filtering Gasoline Through Chamois. Dangerous. 930

Photographic P'inting Masks Easily Made 931

Making Extended Index Tabs for Books 932

Removing Collar on Change-Gear Spindle of Lathe . 932 Changing a Boy's Handcar Into a Mechanically

Propelled Sled 933

Removing a Bushing from a Blind Hole 933

A Fountain Attachment for Ordinary Pens 934

A Dark-Room Lamp Used Under a Glass Tray. 9^4

A Sanitary Home-Made Toolh-Brush Holder. . . , 934

Substitutes for the Ordinary Carpenter's Levels.. 933

A Good Substitute for a Solid Round Belt 935

To Prevent Steel from Rusting After Soldering . . , 936

Luggage-Carrier to Attach to Your Bicycle 936

Automobile Carbureter for Heavy Fuel Oils...... 936

How to Make a New Bureau from an Old One. . . 937

A Revolving Washer Made from an Old Rim 937

A Quickly Made Silver-Plating Powder 937

Replacing a Knob on an Aluminum Kettle Top. . 938

Grooves Necessary in Giant Motor-Truck Tires . 938

Making Screws Hold in the End Grain of Wood. . 9*8

Adjusting a Storm Sash from the Inside of a House 9^8

A Snow Shovel Keeps the Snow from Sticking. . 93'>

Eliminating Trouble with Toilet Flush-Tanks .... 940

A Makeshift Syphon 940

Utilizing the Waste Heat from an Open Fireplace. 940

Aluminum Alloy for Patterns and Core Boxes... 940

Building a Speedy Ice- Yacht 94 I

Preventing Exposed Water-Pipes from Freezing.. 945

How to Handle Sulphuric Acid with Safety 945

Milk as a Lubricant for Drilling in Copper 94t>

Lubricating the Working Joints of a Pocket Knife 94h A Puller to Remove Steering Wheels on Auto*

mobiles 946

Compressing Leaf Springs to Bolt Them 94b

Intensifying Magnetic Fields for an Automobile

Dynamo 948

Pluns of a Small Modern Dairy Barn 960

RADIO COMMUNICATION The Construction of an Improved High-Tension

Audion Battery I 3 I

Making a Mechanical Interrupter I 38

A Simple Anchor-Gap I 38

Temporary Variable Condenser I 38

A Delicate Crystal Detector I 39

A Leud-in Connector I 39

Mounting a Rotary Gap 1 i9

Radio in the Far South 139

An Unusual Code Letter. ^ 139

Greater Speed in Wireless Receiving I 40

Receiving Undamped Oscillations |40

Compact Condensers |42

The I3e»t Crystal Detectors I44

What Radio Rrnders Want to Know l-»5

Winners in the Kndio Prize Contest 272

A WirelcHs Telegraph Transmitter with Tvro SfMirlc

Freciuenrim 2* ^

A Booth for Long Dintance Receiving . 2'4

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