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How to Make a Sewing-Screen

��INSTEAD of a workbaskct, with spools of thread, but- tons, scissors, embroider^-, hoops, etc., ail crowded into a small space, a screen can be used, which has a definite place for every article used in scwini;. The spools of thread are kept on brass pegs; the silks in one place and the cottons in an- other. The scissors, pincush- ion and emery ball are sus- pended from hooks. Patterns, embroidery-hoops, buttons,etc., all have pockets where they are readily accessible and yet kept in good shape. Best of all, the screen is light and can be easih' carried from one room to another, or on to the veranda. In sewing, a small shelf may be lowered for holding the work. With a few materials anyone handy with tools can make this ornamental and useful piece of furniture. The materials needed are as follows:


4 pieces 42 ins. by Ij ins. by j in. 9 " 12 { ins. by Ij ins. by | in. I " I2s ins. by 9 ins. by ^ in. I " I2j ins. by 3} ins. by { in. I " I2i ins. by iJ ins. by \ in.

1 " 12J ins. by J in. by i in.


2 pieces 13^ ins. by 36 ins. I " I3i ins. l)y 8 ins.

1 " 13J ins. by 4 ins.

35 brass pins, 2 ins. long

2 hinges; and screws

1 hook and eyebolt

2 handles; and screws

���4 short screws 12 hooks 100 fancy tacks 50 nails

��Select two of the longer or upright pieces, and on them indicate with a pencil the points for attaching the cross- pieces. Suppose the left-hand side of the screen is to be made first. The upper edge of the uppermost cross-piece should be i>2 ins. from the tops of the posts. The top surface of the ne.xt lower cross- piece sliould be 13;^ ins. from the tops of the posts. The one next the bottom is 31^ ins. from the top; and the under

��The screen can be easily carried from one room to another, or on to the veranda

��surface of the bottom piece is 4'^ ins. from the floor.

On two of the cross-pieces drive sevea long brass pins an equal distance apart, as shown in the illustration, taking care to have their tops all even. It is better to drill holes slightly smaller than the pegs before putting them in, especially if the wood is oak or other hard wood. Into the under surface of the top cross- piece screw seven eyebolts, as shown.

Next, assemble the posts and cross- pieces. Use fine wire nails, being careful not to split the wood. Strong hot glue should be applied at the same time to secure greater strength. Before pro- ceeding allow the work to become thoroughly dry.

On the inside of each of the two up- right posts, about *8 in. from the back edge and 22 ins. from the top, insert a screw, allowing it to protrude about

��}4 in. Then, holding the shelf, which is the rectangular piece, 12 } g ins. x 9 ins.


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