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This page needs to be proofread.

We Paid Six Dollars

For These Two Pictures

��OF course you rerognizc Delia, the motor duck, which appceircd in our March issue. \Vc want more photographs of equally interesting inventions, and we will pay for them at the rate of S.V^o each. The more daring the invention, the better for us.

But, Let the Picture Be Alive

Let a man or a woman appear in it doing something useful in con- n e c t i o n with the machine. Dead ma- chinery is not interest- ing.

Look ■about you for curious applications of old ma- c h i n e r y . The auto- mobile, for instance, is used for many purposes.

��threshing machine, a safety razor or a grand piano, send us a picture of it if the device is doing something unusual.

Queer Ways of Making a Living

By the way, we are getting up a collec- tion of photographs to be published under the general title "Queer Ways of Making a Living." Perhaps you would like to contribute some snapshots to the collection. — The Editor.

���Things You Can Do with an Automobile

We know of one very resource- ful man who uses an automobile to control a captive balloon. He sim- ph- jacks u|) the rear wheel and connects the axle with a winch. We know of another man who once lit up a church with his electric car in an emergency.

And we know of a third who ran a whole printing press with an automobile when the steam engine of • the plant broke down.

Whether it is a telephone, a


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