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��Revolving Portable Elevator

IOADINCi i)arrL'ls, cotton hales and ^ crates with the aid of a revolving portable elc\ator, which has just been placed on the market, has enabled the manufacturer to reduce labor costs and at the same time complete his task with a thoroughness heretofore impossible. The elevator covers a wide range of usefulness. Machines have been supplied for lifting corpses in morgues and for placing coftins in niches such as are used in South America. In fact, the machine can be used to pile anything at all.

Loading barrels into freight cars has been a dititicult and hazardous under- taking. With the new elevator it is simple. In one instance a railroad company was spared the necessity of building a loaded platform all along its yard siding. The barrels were rolled upon the elevator platform from two planks, on one of which an operator stood. The platform was then cranked up to the desired height, and the upper base swung around ninety degrees on the turntable, which put the barrel into the proper position to be rolled off on the car floor.

In one instance the elevator piled crated gas-engines inside a box-car, and piled them so compactly that the manufacturer is now able to take about thirt>' per cent more of his gas-engines in one car-load than he could handle

����Loading barrels into freight cars is sim- plified by this portable elevator

��As the stack grows the elevator justed to the new height

before he obtained the re\ol\ing portable elevator. In warehouses bales of cotton can be piled, neatly and squarely, in stacks up to twenty feet high. In stacking barrels of oil the machine is especially valuable. The barrel is pushed on the elevator platform, the op)crator cranks up the machine to raise the [jlatform to the desired height, and when the platform reaches it, he swings the upper structure around and simply rolls ofY the barrel on to the skids.

To enable the machines to be taken through low doorways from one room to another they are provided with hinges in the uprights at a point six feet, si.\ inches from the floor. The hand- operated machines are provided with a patented safety-hoist which makes it absolutely impossible for the operator to be hurt by a flying crank.

Not only does this machine do its work quickly and without danger, but its operation is not costh", since one man can run it easily. Furthermore, much space is saved by packing articles closely.

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