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��Popular Science Monthly

���The twelve pumps terminating in one large mixing tank are illustrated above. Each pipe is connected with a separate tank and the object of the apparatus is to obtain an accurate blend of the twelve different grades of oils

��Blending Twelve Grades of Oil Into One

A PUMPING plant of a new kind has been constructed for a large oil company in the West to mix oils. There are twelve pumps, each of which is separately controlled by a clutch. Dif- ferent grades of oils are required for various purposes, and it is the object of this equipment to supply the blends or mi.xtures of oils according to the formulas prepared by experts. Each of the twelve pumps is connected by a pipe with a different tank of oil, the main jet from all of them terminating in one large mixing tank.

��successors is an apparatus in- vented b\' a Massachusetts man. It has a game field pro- \ided with semi-conical catch- ing-hoods arranged in the positions of the various play- ers in the fields. These hoods serve to catch the ball and return it to a side pocket. There is a mechanical batter which swings a bat on a metal post set beside the home-plate. A spring operates the bat with considerable force.

The pitching device calls for real skill on the part of the player. The ball is pitched from a pivoted arm which has a ball-receiving cup at its up- per end, and a notch in the ts base portion by which it is in retracted position. When

��rear of


the latch is released the pitching arm

throws the ball toward the batter.

The success of the player depends upon

his ability to judge of the speed of the

ball and then "bat" accordingly.

After considerable practice the player can sometimes "lift" a "high one" to center field or send a swift one bowling toward the shortstop position with such speed that it strikes the catching-hood with a resounding thud. This is one game where foul balls are unheard of. If the batted ball flies off at an angle the sides of the apparatus are high enough to pre\'ent it leaving the board.

��Another Baseball Game in Disguise

IF baseball, the great American game, fails to live up to its reputation with the coming generation it will at least not sink into obli\ion. The large and \'aried collection of games simulating it \\ ill serve to immorlalizeitto future residents of this workl, and the historians of a million years hence will make men- tion of the fact that numerous game sets left behind by us lead them to believe that as a race we were a people of hm mentality, worshipping a game callc basi'ball with as much fervor as the ancient Egyptians worshipped their gra\- en images.

The most recent addition to the collec- tion of games which niiglit puzzle our

���The baseball game out- ball in position ready to a pivoted arm to the ter which stands erect

��showing the be pitched from mechanical bat- home - plate

�� �