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��Turning Your Racket-Press Into a Camp Stool

A CASE or press for a tennis racket that may be turned into a seat or stool at the discretion of the player is the invention of an Illinois man. The idea is to utilize the press as a seat in addition to its

��being used as a frame for the racket to hold the latter in the profxjr position to prevent it from warping.

Eight bars depending from the press are the legs for the stool device and when spread they afford a seat strong enough for the heaviest man. The apparatus is so arranged that the legs can act as supporting posts for the racket when it is held in an upright position on

���Where Freckles Come From and Why They Stay

A BEAUTIFUL face is a silent recom- mendation and an index to your slate of happiness and health. Even the most peach-like skin proves to be a pleasing background for a dainty brown mole or "beauty-

��The press may hold the racket or be spread out as a seat for the tennis player

��the ground

��An Old Lamp Used by Rubber Gatherers in Brazilian Jungles

THE Brazilian rubber gatherer, far from civilization on the tributaries of the upper Amazon, is often compelled to use his Ingenuity to improvise sub- stitutes for the articles which he cannot obtain. This lamp was constructed out of an old gunpowder flask, cutting the handle and re- flector from an empty kerosene can. The wick is made from a piece of gunny sack. With this crude de\ice the native lights his path through the jungle when making his nightly rounds to collect the milk from the rubber trees he is tapping. When he desires a light for his hut, whicli is upon rare oc- casions, he uses the old powder flask lamp, l)urniiig it sparingly.

��spot." But there are blemishes and blemishes.

What is usually spoken of as frec- kles are spots of yellowish -brown color. Especially after the skin has been exposed to the sun for a long while do freckles make their unhappy ap- pearance. They are as unwelcome as weeds, and as stub- born as the mule Maud. The face, neck, and hands are molested most- ly, for they are much exposed to the sun and are unprotected by clothes. Some people are much more liable than others to suffer these blemishes, and in some they disappear cjuito quickly, while in others they last a long time.

However, in most instances, freckles are the result of the action of the sun on certain cells of the skin, which causes these cells to produce color- ing matter, or pigment, which remains there for a long time. Sometimes frec- kles do not appear to be caused by \er\- hot sunshine orexiMisuro. but just seem to come naturally, just as the color of the skin is either fair or dark, according to the tendency inherited by the indixidual.

No matter how the .gorge- ous iUuminations of a toilet- articles counter ma>' appeal to \()ii, or how the delicate perfumes of read\--made toilet lotions and freckle- A lamp made from removers lure \'ou, the best

an old powder flask advice is to shuii them.

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