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Winners in the Radio Prize Contest

OUR first Prize Contest, which was announced in the April, May and June issues of the Popular Science Monthly and which closed on June 15th, brought responses from all over the country. The first prize, of Twenty-five Dollars in money, has been awarded to Mr. K. B. AYarner of Cairo, 111., for his article on "The Construction of an Amateur's Aerial Mast." This will appear in the September number.

The second prize. Fifteen Dollars in money, was won by ]Mr. R. H. G. Mathews. His article, entitled "Cures for Trouble in a '^00-meter Wave Outfit," will be printed in October.

In accordance with the fourth paragraph of the conditions of the Prize Contest, the Editors have selected and purchased certain other manuscripts. These, to be pubhshed in early issues, include the following ;

��*& •

��"An Emergency Aerial," by Mr. A. W. Parks, of Sand- wich, Mass.

"How to Keep the Telephones from Humming," by Mr. D. Broune, of New York City.

"An Easily Erected Antenna," by Mr. F. INI. Meals, of Port Angeles, Washington.

"A Perfected Slider for Tuning Coils," by Mr. Philip E. Edelman, of St. Paid, jNIinn.

"A Noiseless Tikker Receiver," by Mr. W. A. Parks, of Washington, D. C.


��All of these articles describe practical ways in which wireless opera- tors and experimenters overcame their dillicuUies. It will be worth yoiu' while to watch for and read every one" of them.

The Editors want more articles of this sort, and will pay for them. Write up how you eliminated your wireless troubles, and so help other amateurs and professionals by sending the nuuuiscri})ts to us to be printed.

Watch the September number for announcement of our new Radio Service Bureau for readers of I lie Popular Science Monthly. Send us your suggestions and inquiries, so that we can ])e of inunediate assistance to you.


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