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��Chick Mash Box

ASHOR, raiuly, tir any cardlKianl box is all one needs to make a chirk mash box that is handy and sanitary, and when dirty can easily be re- placed. Cut U- shapcd openings in the sides and ends of the box, fill with dry mash and replace the cover. The chicks get at the mash through openings, but cannot get in- to it. A more tlurable liox can be made of wood — L. E. FKiriiR.

���The simplest kind of cafeteria

��Tightening Wire on Knobs

WHEN using split knobs on open wiring it is sometimes quite difh- cult to get the wires taut so as to have a presentable ap-



One mctliod of overcoming this is U) start the screw with the knob on a slight angle so that when the screw is tightened up it tends to grip the wire and pulls it light — Louis Lind.

��new way to tighten wires


��Improving a Towel-Roller

N ordinary towel-roller has no rim or flange to keep the towel from ^.^ getting caught between the rod and the end-sup- ports. Cut two semi-circular pieces of card- board, as shown in the illustration. Cut a hole in each at the proper point to bring the straight edge of the cardboard tight against the back of the roller. Fit the pieces of The towel will not Cardboard on the

catch in the ends ends of the roller.



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The numerous slots can be used for sales- men's data, each man having a division

A Manager's Desk File

A DESK file for managers, which obviates the unnecessary handling of salesmen's data, is shown in the sketch. It consists of a board for a base into which a number of slots are cut to re- ceive division boards in an upright position. The base in this instance is 1 8 ins. long, 8 ins. wide and Js in. thick, cut and finished from a piece of quarter- sawed oak to match the flat-top desk on which it is placed. The surface of the board is laid off in divisions of i in., allowing % in. for the grooves.

The >4-in. boards forming the division l)arlitions are rounded on both upper (orners, and they are cut as long as the is wide. A back board, cut as long as the base, is fastened to its rear edge to prevent pajjers from being pushed en- tirely through the file.

The division boards are cut to fit the grooves snugly, so that one may be re- moved, if desired, to make a wide space for any special purpose. Of course these can be glued in solidly. Domes are driven into the under side to pre\ent scratching the surface of the desk.

On the front edge of the baseboard are placed the names of the salesmen, and any matter recpiiring their attention is slipped into the proper place. This handy little device serves its purpose Well iu this instance.

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