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��Convenient Check Protector

THIS dc\ice is valuable to persons who are recjuired to write diceks where a check-writing or j)rotecting machine is out of the (luestion. The principal advantage of this device is its compactness, inasmuch as it can take the place of the ordinary pen clip, thereby serving two purposes and always being at hand when required.

It consists of a piece of spring sheet- brass, "^8 in. wide and 4 ins. long, bent to the shape of a long 11 (as shown in the illustration). A set of teeth (made out of brass or steel) is soldered on to the ends of the U-shaped spring (as shown in Fig. II), but the greatest care must be taken to insure the perfect meshing of

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���A check protector, a pen for writing the

check, and a clip for holding the pen, all

combined in one instrument

one set with the other; else the device will not work efficiently. The teeth should crimp and slightly i)erforate the paper. A drop of solder placed on the free end of the spring (as shown at A in Fig. II) enables one to slip it o\'cr the edge of the pocket and prevents the pen from falling out.

After filling out the check, place it between the jaws of the protector, with a portion of the lettering to be pro- tected between the teeth. Exert a sliglit pressure with the thumb and then allow the spring to open. Slide the device along to another portion and keep re- peating this operation until the whole amount to be protected is co\crcd, thus making it impossible for anyone to tamper with the check without being detected.

Attachment for Oxy -Acetylene Torch

THIS attachment is for a welder in filling low spots and holes in cylin- ders where it is impossible to get in with

���The low spots and holes in cylin- ders, so hard to reach in welding, can be filled easily, if the torch has an attachment such as the one here illustrated

��the torch. It is made of >^-in. heavy copper tubing. Obtain a tip of the size desired for the job and cut in half at the hexagon part. Then braze the tubing to the bushing part of the tip. Also braze the other end of the tubing to the other part of the tip. Anneal the tubing so that it will bend to suit the particular task in hand. This will work on all sizes of lips. — H. P. Allmaras.

Turning on Lathe with Calipers

TO use calipers when turning small or medium-sized work set them at the size of the piece to be turned down, and then alter going over it roughly take a small, flat chisel in one hand. Hold the chisel over the rest against the wood and the cal- ipers in the other hand over the re- \'ol\ing wood so as to size it by holding one side of the cal i pers against the chi.sel, sliding it backand forth on the chi.sel to allow the shav- ings to work off.

This is a slow way, but a safe and sure one for accurate work. — \V. F. GooT.

���Calipers give accuracy in turning small pieces

��Starting Your Automobile with Ether

TO start an obstinate automobile engine, purchase some ether in a paint store and prime your engine with it. Turn the engine o\-er once or twice with the spark-switch off and then throw on your spark. With a half turn of the crank the motor will start.

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