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��Ferreting Out the Secrets of the Golf Ball

���Two Tests to Determine Whether or Not a Golf Ball is "Lop-Sided"

��WHAT is the most effi- cient type of golf ball? A well-known British scientist and golf enthusiast has made some exhaustive tests with golf balls of various sorts under various conditions. He finds that the average golf ball is altogether too rough and that the center of gravity is often misplaced. Accordingly, he experimented and the follow- ing rules are the result:

1. Float the ball in water until it becomes stationary. Mark it with a {)encil and roll it slowly. If the mark comes up slowly the center of gra\ity is fairly accurate. If it comes up swiftly, the ball is "lop-sided."

2. Measure the ball at various l);)ints with calipers, to determine whether or not it is absolutely spherical.

3. Test one ball against an- other, for elasticity, by bouncing.

��4. Throw the ball under examination straight up in the air in a hea\y breeze. If bad, it will swerve.

5. Choose the smoothest ball.

��A Metal Disk Supplants the Golfer's Tee

PRACTISING golf on the lawn at home is not as full of pleasure as it sounds, unless one cares to import enough sand or dirt to build the neces- sary tees. But where a metal disk is provided — a disk which takes the place of the accustomed tee and performs its duty with every degree of thoroughness, it is possible for the golfer to continue his practice without inconvenience.

Thedisk illustrated is \er\- light. At the same time it is serviceable. The player can utilize it in two ways. He can sub- stitute it for a dirt or sand tee, or consider it a hole and improve his putting thereby. With the disk it is not necessary for the golfer to confine his practice to the lawn. If the weather is inclement the disk will ser\e its purpose inside the home.


���A Feather-Weight Disk Which Takes the Place of the Accustomed Tee

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