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Bringing Dye Stuffs to

��America from Germany

��The Deutschland Is Not a New Type of Submarine. She Is Simply an Enlarge- ment of the Standard German Submersible Tor- pedo Boat. The United States Has Decided That She Is a Merchantman and That She Could Not Be Converted Into a Warship Without Exten- sive Structural Alterations

��The Deutschland Brought Over a Cargo of Dyes Said to Be Worth Nearly a Million Dollars and Insured for a Sum Which Would Be Considered a Comfortable Little Fortune for the Average European. Her Maiden Voyage Paid for Her Construction and Left a Handsome Profit Besides for Her Owners. She Is the First of a Cargo - Carrying Fleet

���Part of the Crew. They Do Not Look as Though Their Recent Achievement Counts for Much in Their Estimation Since It Carried Them Out of the Excitement of the War Zone


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