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Secret of a Sun-Parlor Bedroom

��IN modern apartment buildings a great demand has sprung up for apartments pro\ided with sun-parlors readily "convertible, by folding-beds and other con\'crtibIc furniture, into sleep- ing porches without such liouble use

��against the wall, brinj^'ing into position the writing desk. The bed is then folded in its upright position and the room is complete. When the room is to be con- verted from a sun-parlor into a bedroom the door is swung outward, bringing into

���The Heavy Door Has a Chifi'onicr on One Side and a Desk on the Other. The Bed Can Be Folded Up to Form a Seat. Thus a Comfortable Eedroom Can Be Transformed into a Cozy Sun-Parlor

��being obvious to the ordinary visitor. A Chicago inventor has taken out patents on a device he hopes will solve the problem.

The object of the invention is to so combine the walls of an\- room, used as a sun-parlor, with its own furniture and with an adjacent or supplemental room, that the desired result is achieved. .A swinging door or partition pro\ided with furniture for different purposes or of various characters attached to the opposite sides is used to transform the appearance of the room at any time.

In the accompanying illustration a bedroom is shown on the left and a sun- parlor on the right, being interchange- able by the simple means of a folding bed, and a swinging door equipped with a desk on one side and a dresser on the other. Regardless of the load of fur- niture the door carries, it cannot sag, due to its no\el mounting. When the room is to be changed from a bedroom to a sun-parlor, the swinging door with the dresser attached is swung back

��position the dresser; and the folding bed is lowered.

The room adjoining the sun-parlor or Ijedroom may or may not be partitioned off when the swinging door is opened.

��The Preeminence of American Inventive Ingenuity

OF the epoch making inventions of the world during the past fifty years, 48 in number, Americans are credited with 35, which include the tele- phone, typewriter, cash register, incan- descent lani]), talking machine, electric furnace reduction, electrolytic alkali pro- duction, transparent photographic film, motion-picture machine, buttonhole sew- ing machine, carborundum, chain stitch shoe sewing machine, single-type com- posing machine, continuous process match machine, chrome tanning, disk plow (modern type), welt machine, electric lamp, recording adding machines, celluloid, automatic knot-t\ing machine, machine for making barbed wire, etc.


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