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This page needs to be proofread.

Money Prizes for Motorcyclists

Send Us Your Kinks

��IF you are a motorcyclist, if you have devised simple ways of making repairs, if you have improved your machine in any way, this will interest you.

The Popular Science Monthly of- fers a first prize of f>2^, a second prize of 5^15 and a third prize of ^10 for articles in which motorcyclists will describe and illustrate the methods which they have successfully employed for overcoming trouble, for making quick repairs by the roadside or more difficult repairs in the shop, or for making attachments whereb}' the use of the motorcycle has been broadened.

Even Though You Don't Win a Prize It's Worth While

The three prizes will be awarded by the editors- of the Popular SciencI': Monthly in the order of merit. What is more, even though your article may not win a prize, the editors may buy it at the usual rates, because it is so good.

���A grease-gun made by twisting a piece of paper into a cone. Hard grease is placed in the cone and simply squeezed out through the small end whenever it is wanted

There are no limitations to this prize offer. We don't care for fine phrasing, but we do care for good mechanical ideas. Rough pencil drawings or photographs will do for illustrations.


��^■* a^-v ,i?W

��This sidecar was made out of one wheel of an old bicycle, a few boards and some bar-iron

��Here's What We Want

To give you ^

an idea of the kind of mate- rial that will be welcomed, consider the two ideas il- lustrated on this page. The sidecar illus- t ra ted was made from one wheel of an old bicycle, some boards and b a r - iron. The grease-gun is merely a cone of paper which is filled with hard grease out of which the lubricant can be squeezed as it is wanted.

Follow These Rules

The following conditions are to be ob- served:

(1) Articles must be written on one side of

the sheet only.

(2) Write your name and address in the up-

per right-hand corner of the first sheet.

(3) Enclose postage for the return of the


(4) Don't send in articles on ideas which

have already been published.

(5) Don't send paper ideas — things that you

haven't actually done yourself.

(6) Address the envelopes containing arti-

cles to

��"Motorcycle Contest Editor"

Popt LAR Science Monihly 239 Fourth Ave., New York City

The contest will close on December 31st, 1916.

The money for the prizes will be paid promptly after the awards have been made.


�� �