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Pets and the Gentler Side of the Fighter

���At right: Raising chickens while the enemy is raising siege guns for ac- tion is rather sooth- ing for the fighting man, besides the luxury of the fresh eggs for breakfast


���At left, a fawn left by its frightened mother in the friendly hands of German soldiers. This little animal was adopted as the troop company's mascot and given a home in the tren- ches, where it was sheltered from shots and shells

��At right, a British soldier with a little king of the beasts as his pet. Will it be a bodyguard such as that of St. Geronimus?

���At left, the dog they left behind makes his home with the soldiers, and gets better treatment than lie would if there had been no war

At right, rab- bits are as friendly as they arc pro- lific. They are perfect 1\ at home in the trenches


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