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��A Hand-Magnet That Lifts Fifteen Times Its Own Weight SKVKN-POl'M) h a n d - m ii g n e t v.hich is capable of lifting castings of from ten to fifteen times its own weight fills a long- felt want in machine shops where it is usee for clearing chips anc borings out of the ma- chiner},-. This is onK' one of its many uses, however, since it re- covers dropped tools, bolts, and boring bars which could not ln' easily recovered from awkward places.

Where large quan- tities of brass and iron filings accimuilate, the magnet is used to sepa- rate the brass from the iron. The magnet is used to pick up hot or awkward- ly-shaped castings and can also be suspended in liquids such as paints, glazes and chemicals to at- tract to itself any particles of iron or steel which uvvi

��Mooring-Hook Locks Itself to Eyebolt

���Where large quantities of brass and iron

filings accumulate this magnet will be

found invaluable for separating them


���THK harder the boat moored on the new self-locking moor- ing-hook pictured be- low pulls, the less chance there is for the boat to get loose, in use it is merely neces- sary to toss the hook into the e\ebolt on the dock or buoy and the \acht is fast, since it automatically locks, al- though there arc no springs in thede\ice. To loosen it a poke of the boat-hook is sufficient. The lock is composed of anordinar\' hook, to the tip of which is attached a le\-cr, which catches a piece of steel in the shank of the hook nuich as a door- latch is caught. It camiot be loosened unless the upper end of the catch is pushed forward. This is accomplish- ed by a thrust of the fingers or of a bt)at-hook in the o|)posite directi(Mi, from that inw hicli the boat itself is pulling.

.Ail pulls on the line itself are tak- en up by thehot)k. Should the line be twisted, so as to ])ull in the o|)posite direc- tion, the pull is taken up 1)\' the lexer which is c.iught and held.

��The hnrdt-r tlir boat pulls on the hook the less chiincc it has of lircaking loose from this type of mooring

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