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��Electrical Scrub-Woman — Brainless but Efficient

���The machine is fitted with four to brushes the pressure on which is regulated

��IT IS only a matter of time before the scrub-woman will give way to the scrub- bing-machine, just as the horse has gi\'en way tf) automobile.

Scrubbing by hand quires fihysical strength and is slow and slopi:)y. There is nothing slow or sloppy about the mechanical scrubber.

The machine is fitted with four to eight brushes, which are regulated by an interlocking spider, sc that the amount of pressun on the brushes ma>- bi adjusted according to thi condition f)f the lloor. 'I'iu scouring soap-powder is car ried in a can containing at agitator to stir the jjowdei when the matliinc is ii operation. I knee llu' pow der IS sprinkled evenly aiK mil in cakes and hinips. The

��can is only four inciies from the floor. Hand-sprinkled powder must droj) about three feet.

The water-sprinkler is so placed that it applies the correct amount of water directly to the powder. The powder and water are immediately set in motion by the brushes.

After the floor is thoroughly scrubbed the dirty water is rcmo\ed b\- means of a squilgee with a suction-pump so placed that when the squilgee gathers water the pump forces it from the floor to a can.

An electric scrubbing-machine with two operators will scrub three thousand square feet of floor in an hour.

Trundling Your Washing-Machine on Wheels

AMONG the most recent labor-saving . devices for the woman in the home is a set of casters designed for use on washing-machines. Equipped with these the washing-machine is as easily trundled as a go-cart or other light \-ehicle.

W h e n the machine has been wheeled into the po- sition reciuired for work the (-asters are di-tached by means of tilting the tul) first on one side, thus dismounting im that side, d llien lilting it on e other side to release e two opposite. A lever and notch are iIo>cd. Tilt the ma- le and the lever s out of the notch. i\ e r t h e m a c h i n e li a quick motion ] the 1 e \- e r will (I \ er 1 h e not ch liat the machine will firmh' on its feet, en the machine is and then loweri-*! slowly the lever w ill slip into the notch, and the machine will once more be on wheels.

���The casters are ciisily ilc taclicd by tilting the machine

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