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��from the center, and the lliird 9-32 in. in diameter 7-16 in. from tlic center. Maice these three holes in Hne.

Procure a snap fastener, such as is comnionK' used on women's ciothinjj, and iiistrt the ball end in the center hole of the celluloid disk. Place the sprinjf clip on this and snap the top ]3art of the fastener in place. If desired, a ri\et and small metal washer may be used in place of the fastener, as this allows the cap to be taken apart. Be sure to ha\e the ears of the clip high enough to allow the disk to rest on the ledge in the neck

���The cap in position in the bottle neck and the materials necessary to make it

of the bottle and use a tight fastener. To use the cap, place it in position on the milk bottle and revoh-e the spring clip around the neck of the bottle, iinco\ering the holes in the disk. The milk pours freeh' from the large hole, while the other hole admits air.

��How to Lighten the Finish on Woodwork

IN treating woodwork to match an- other finish, it is freciuently difficult to secure the right effect. If the wotxl- work is too dark, oxalic acid, diluted in water and applied with a cloth, will pro- duce thedesired result. It should he sand- papered before it has comj)letely dried, with No. I, and after com|iletely flrying, with \'o. ].■,■ This method holds e(|uali\- good in acid and water-stain. If \arnish has been applied, it nmst be removed by a varnish remover (adelite), otherwise the oxalic acid will have no effect.

���Repairing Worn Wheels of a Carpet- Sweeper

THE revolving brush of the ordinary carpet-sweeper is driven by the friction of the wheels on which the s w e e p e r runs against driving wheels on either end of the brush axle. To insure good friction the peripheries of all of these wheels are coveretl with tightly fitting rubber rings. In time these rings wear out, or the rubber becomes hardened and loses it grip.

-An efficient method of repairing a sweeper having imjicrfect or worn rubber rings is to co\er the wheels with common electricians' tape such as is em- [)loyed for covering joints in wire. The tape should first be wound around the periphery of the wheel until a covering nearly equal to the thickness of the orig- inal ring is attained. This should then be secured in place by passing the tape around the ring and between the spokes of the wheels. The gripping power of the tape is fully equal to that of the original rubber rings, and the sweeper will be good for ser\ice until other parts wear out. — George H. Hall.

��Adhesive tape on a sweeper - wheel

��A Bottle- Stopper Made of Glass and Rubber

A NEW stopper for bottles is com()t).sed of glass and rubber. The glass part is in reality a small stopper, threaded to screw into the rubber. It has a narrow flange ab:)\e the rubber, and ends in a flat ke\-like knob for turning. When fitted into the bottle, a turn or two tightens it.

���The glass part is threaded to screw into the rubber

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