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��sidc-ilap suitcase, conviction is almost always sure to follow. However, the coivtrivance is very effective in stealing ribbons, gloves, handkerchiefs and hosier)'. 1 he bag is placed on the floor and the articles are simply rolled off the

��lishcd story of her arrest created a furore. Often thieves are caught with two roasting pans wrapped in heavy paper under their arms. Of course, the paper is torn underneath aiifl the articles dc-

���A shoplifter's sleeve rolled back to reveal the artificial third arm

��counter on t;j the flap as the thief calmy looks the salesgirl in the eye. The flap is returned to its po- sition by the foot. Then there is the subtle third arm used for o\cr a c e n t u r y — a n artificial arm, fitted into the sleeve of the coat, which rests quieth' on the counter while the real arm inside the coat is busily tucking away stolen stuff. A woman using this means to steal imported laces was arrested in Phila- delphia. The pub-

���Stealing with The flap is

��A bag, sewed in the shoplifter's skirt, filled with all manner of stolen articles

��posited in the pans. False packages are not uncommon. They consist of paper vv-rappe<l around a frame. The interior is large enough to li o 1 d six dozen handkerchiefs.

There are muffs, umbrellas, long gloves, blouse- bags, skirt-bags, men's pockets with the bottom at the knee line, shoes with false soles, real babies with conveniently long dresses tip which valuable are stored, and many, manv others.



��a side-flap suitcase, closed by the foot

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