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The Indian's Conception of Ansfcls and Devils

��Below: Two totem poles which formerly marked the headquarters of tribes in Old Mangel, Alaska. To the Indians these designated a religious as well as a clannish bond

��At left: A wooden mask carved and painted in the elaborate style dear to the heart of the Iroquois Indians and used by a false-face society

���A typical ceremo- nial mask of the Iroquois. These masks, which seem only hideous, have a tribal significance

���The mask on the right would doubt- less frighten away any kind of a de- mon. It was worn by the medicine man

On the left: An- other ceremonial mask less typically Indian but evident- ly meant to depict his enemy-friend, the white ma n

The Indians were especially fond of n n i m u I masks. To them they sym- bolized the kinship of man to his d u m b neighbors

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