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���Commander Moflett's ship would be a 250,090 horsepower, 35-knot fighter, displacing 60,0J0 tons. She would carry 10 eighteen-inch gun-;, 16 six-inchguns, anti-aircraft and anti-subni.i- rine guns, and four submerged torpedo tube .


She coul J carry the Pennsylvania and Oregon on her decks, as illustrated in the top plans

one hundred and ton feet Ijcam, the maxi- Battleship Date Length Ann'm't. Ton'ge

mum length and beam of the future war- [^'"'^f?" • ,-. •^96 35« [t. 4 i3-in. 10,288

1 ■ c 1 I'l^ ii 1- -^ ^ II So. Larohna . . . 1909 430 ft. 8 12-in. 16,000

ship arc fi.xcd. Co the hmit at once, Delaware 1910 l\o ft. 10 12-in. 2<.;.kk,

urges Comtnandcr Moffett, "while we Pennsylvania. . 1915 600 ft. 12 14-in. ;,i,4»o

have the opportunity to do it, ahead of Limit 1917 995 ft. 15 is-in. Oo.oik)

all our rivals, and go the limit at the „ ,, 1 m a-

same time in everything; that is to say, ^ '^""' ^ ommander MofTett:

in speetl, caliber of guns, endurance, "Oilier navies would have to follow our ex-

fucl ammunition etc " ample, and build ships like ours or give up the

' ' competition. We could stand the cost better than

Puts Limit at 60,000 Tons ■">">' °^^^" ";""• .'^ '^- therefore, an advantage

to us to make navies cost as much as possible.

Commander MofTett points out that We have more money than any other nation and

the growth of the L'nited States battle- V" ' V'°" '0'"P;'7"'^»-v. f the close of

-u:„ f_ „ 4I r^ i .,. ^1 the war, when most ot them will be bankrupt,

sllip from the Oregon type to the new ..,„ this wav we will scrap England's naw, .IS

Pennsylvania has been accomplished in well as all others. In no other way can we hope

less than twcntv years, and submits in to overtake Great Britain.

addition the specifications of his pro- ■■Build the limit in displacement, in speed in

„ , „,i ■ . .1 I • •. • .1 I 1 ciliber of guns, with proper proportion ol luel

po^ed sea giant, the I unit, in the fol- ,,„,, ammunition, endurance, etc., and we will

lowing comparative table: have, indeed, the first real superdreadnought."

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