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��Mr. Wooilman's appara- tus the first t)perati<)a consists in placing the handle of the developing tank on the first position ol the qiuidrant, on line marked 1. This insures the insertion of the first plate in compartment I of the tank. The plate- holder of the camera is then removed from the camera box and 'placed in the transferring-hopper for its entrance into the tank. After it has been securely fastened to the hopper by the operation of a lock-bar, the slide on the holder is withdrawn without exposing the plate.

Because the transfer- ring hopper is lined with lilack felt, making a light- light joint with the holder, the plate is protected from the light while it is being passed from the holder to the hopper.

Next, the plate is pro- jected into the tank. This is done by releasing the locking-dog attachment

���Introducing a plate into the tank. The handle is pulled back just long enough for the plate to pass through

����Pouring the developer into the tank through the funnel. The plates are left in the solution for about ten minutes

��Placing the camera plate- holder in the transferring- hopper for its entrance into the tank. It is securely held in place by a lock-bar. Afterwards the plates are washed and placed in the fixing bath in the same way for fifteen minjtes


and pulling back the handle, which opens the admitting slot and closes it automatically as the handle is released. This protects the plates in the tank while the plate- holclcr is being changed. The handle on the hop- IXT isthcnad\ancetl to the second line on the ciuad- rant, the plate-holder is reversed, and another plate inserted. The oper- ations are repeated until the tank is loaded. At this point the transfer- ring-hopper is pulled out of the slot in the tank cover. The plates are now ready to rcccixe the de- veloping and fixing bath. It is not necessary that all twelve plate com- partments be filled to carry out the developing operation. One plate may be de\eloped as easily as twelve. How- ever, twelve plates can be developed at the same time and the so- lutions saved each time.

���The plates removed in bulk from the tank after the fixing bath. They are now ready to be thoroughly cleaned and dried

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