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���The native boys climb with the agility of monkeys, using their hands and feet

How West Indians Walk Up Coconut-Palm Trees

TIII'^ xisilor to llic Wt-st Indies (jften looks with longing at the great biniches of coconuts swinging at the summits of the lofty palm trees and (juile out of reach of ordinary mortals. You may lliink that the natixes wait until till' niit> ripen and fall before gatlu-ring tlu'ni. or you may remem- ber childhood tales of ix'tulant monke\s throwing the nuts at human l>eings below. Mut if you express a desire for a few coconuts and back up \our request with a

��few pennies, \ou will disco\er that the colored bo\s neither wait for the nuts to fall nor depend on monkeys to throw them down. Instead the nimble darke\ •. will climb up the smoothest and talle t trees to gather the nuts, for the\' arj c\er\' bit the equals of monkeys in this respect.

Instead of "shinnying" up as northern boys climb oiu" trees or hugging the trunk with arms and legs, the West Indian negroes actually walk up the trees. Clasping the smooth trunk with their hands and placing the soles of their feet against it they ascend the trees wit!.- out the least ditticulty and descend in the same manner.

So prehensile can the toes become that West Indian sailors climb ropes and rigging as the\- do palm trees; it is not an uncommon sight to see a black seaman walk up the polished mast of his sloop.

��Manhole Ventilated with Electric Fan to Cool Men Below

WORKMEN employed in the con- duits of a Los Angeles electric company are enabled to work in comfort while underground by the use of an electric fan for \entilation. The man- hole is protected b\" a portable railed eiulosiire, to keep any careless motorist from (lri\ iiig into it. and at the base of the railing is set an ordinary- electric fan, so arranged that the blades dri\e the air straight down. This affords a cool breeze that reaches the workman in the hut and stulTy cell below the pavement and .idds a great deal to hi- comfort.

���The til.uics of the elcilru- l:in suspetuud :{\ the nianliole drive the air currents straiftht down

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