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��The engineer's wind shield is fixed to the window-frame of the cab. High speed does not affect its operation

A Wind-Deflecting Lookout Mask for Engineers

A STEEL mask for railroad engi- neers which secures for them a clear vision ahead, that cannot be obscured by the snow, rain or sleet, is being tried out on engines of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, mask, which is attached to the window- frame of the cab, contains no glass, its principle being based on the deflection of wind currents 1j\- flanges.

At the top of the shield, curved nuial plates, one behind the other, \iruiall\- scoop in the air and thrust it df)wnward into a short air-chute, which ejects the draft automatically. Between the upper plates and the chute is a broad slit,

through which the engineer has an unobscured vision of the


It is said that this eye- protector is so efificient

that a light fall ol

snow — which is con

sidered to be the

most trying of con- ditions — will have

no effect upon it.

Another experiment,

which attested to its

efficienc\', was made

by lighling a match

behind the gap. The

flame wastlrawn for- ward. The speed at

which the train is

traveling rioes not

affect the operation

of the shield.

��An Adjustable Steering Device for the Farmers Tractor

NOW comes the ?ell-sieered light farm- tractor, so built that the operator can gi\e more attention to his plows and tiiat an\- irregularities in the furrows are com- pensated for. Two disks, mounted on a rod attached to the axle of the front wheels, are set so that their rims or edges are closer together at the front than at the rear. The outer disk is larger and is -'-5-- set lower than the inner one, ', ', so that, when placed in a

--, furrow, it pushes the inner

/ one against the land-side of

the furrow. The tractor- wheels are pre\ented from swer\ing by the pressure of the inner disk against the land-side of the furrow. The disks are mounted on a rod supi^orted by chains, pulleys and a lever, which raise them from the ground for turning corners or for mo^•ing the tractor from the field.




, ^^i N


���The device is adjustable so that the tractor will run olmost any desired distance from the furrow

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